State of Decay Melee Combat 101 Guide

State of Decay Melee Combat 101 Guide

Here is a very useful State of Decay Melee Combat guide submitted by Punkdaz.

One thing I really enjoy about this game is its melee combat, however no explanation in-game shows the benefits or the execution of certain attacks or combo's.

I have found a few things I'd like to share regarding the different basic attacks, when its best to use a specific one and how to come out of a scrap unscathed without losing too much stamina.

Hopefully both new and experienced players find the benefits of this quick guide and enjoy the melee combat more.

This guide only contains the BASIC attacks, no unlocked skills.

Explanations: - Button - attack explanation (light weapon) - attack explanation (heavy weapon) - Attack explanation (Unarmed). Just to easily tell between the light and heavy weapons, you will use 2 hands on a heavy weapon!
  • A - (LW) When In range of a zombie, pressing A alone will initiate a short range jump attack. Seems to have a high chance of decapitation -(HW) Similar jump attack, but can also be used to strike zombies on the ground - (U) Nothing, you'll just jump, and look foolish...
  • X - (LW) Standard weapon attack - dependent on which type of weapon equipped = different reaction from zombie. 
  • I've found edged and blunt weapons tend to faze a zombie for easy follow up attacks - bladed weapons slice off limbs, but don't seem to slow them down as much, although hits on multiple zombies at once is possible. (HW) I've found almost all to be identical in performance, each swing can hit multiple targets, powerful but slow. (U) - Front Kick.
  • Y - Whilst a weapon is equipped this is the front kick button and its also the same without a weapon! While standing over a fallen zombie you can stomp them!
  • B - This is your dodge button, press it to dodge attacks!

The following moves apply regardless of what kind of weapons are equipped or not!
  • LB + A - Dropkick, go all pro-wrestling and drop a couple of heels in their face! Close range, can be used whilst sprinting towards a zombie whilst in range. Even more fun to do when they're running at you! (Note: It seems like sometimes it doesn't work and instead you do some sort of flying attack move. To do the dropkick correctly every time, make sure you hit the left bumper a bit before A. So LB...A. Instead of hitting them both together.)
  • LB + X - Nothing, just does a regular attack.
  • LB + Y - Push a zombie whist standing up, press near zombie to finish it off- dependent on situation!
  • LB + B - Rolling Dodge, can be used as a brief window of invincibility, you avoid pretty much everything bar explosions or fires.
Now on to a few techniques I'd like to share!

Easiest one on one fight: Dropkick -> Enemy will fall over -> Finisher. Handy on Screamers if you're quick!

Zombies facing you: Pushing zombies back (LB+Y) is a good technique, even if one zombie falls back into another it will cause the others to react as well. Dropkicks (LB+A) are good for this, even rolling (LB+B) through them knocks them off balance.

Pushing them with their backs to a wall sets them up for a finisher, this also dazes a zombie for a few seconds whilst they're leaning against it, so use this whenever there's a wall or something suitable around.

Kicking (Y) sometimes brings zombies to their knees for a quick finisher too!
Also low walls or railings can be used to your benefit, kick one towards one and they'll fall right over it and be stunned for a few seconds!
Situations where you're out in the open it's almost best off trying to do a rolling dodge and get behind them, which leads to...

Zombies facing away from you: Push it from behind and they fall to their knees -> Finisher.
Push it into a wall, if they fall face first they'll smash their head open!
Kicking from behind sometimes gives the same effect as pushing.

You'll rarely have an encounter where you are overwhelmed by one single zombie, but remembering and mastering these techniques makes fighting multiple zombies a lot more fun than mashing buttons and it saves a lot of stamina when used effectively!

Another thing to remember is that zombies in the "downed" state, vulnerable to a finishing move, stay in this state for a few seconds, these few seconds could prove valuable time to retreat, regain a little stamina or thin out a zombie horde so there's less to deal with at once.

Also be sure to input commands slowly and correctly, I've gotten ahead of myself most of the time and wasted stamina by swinging at the air or missing an attack entirely!

Here's a couple of ways I take on Special's, If I am ever in a situation where I can't simply shoot them....

Fighting a Feral : Remember to use the Rolling Dodge, wait for it to attack first -> Roll out of the way and immediately roll straight back at the Feral -> followed by a quick jump attack to stun it (A -only) -> Dropkick follow up -> Roll again to get yourself on top of it and Finish it off before it gets up. Dont try and charge at it with a dropkick, it'll grab you out of the air most times.

Fighting a Big Bastard: Never engage head on with one of these, the best strategy I found is to get him angry so he charges. A couple of taunts should do the trick. Roll out of the way and mainly use the jump attack (A) to concentrate on his head. Pay attention to when he is about to attack and try to time rolling dodge's accordingly. Wouldn't hurt to have a few snacks at hand for this one though.

Hope this guide helps people out!

Happy zombie stomping!

If you have any of your own tips, hints or combat tactics for State of Decay please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting!