State of Decay Recruiting Survivors Guide

Here is a State of Decay Recruiting Survivors Guide that shows you the many ways you can find and recruit new survivors. There are many survivors you can find in the game. This guide will show you potential survivor recruitment locations, the missions that usually trigger to recruit them and other useful tips.

Recruiting Survivors hints and tips:
  • All of the survivors you have can and will die if you let them, it's your job to keep them safe and find new survivors to join your camp.
  • Finding new survivors is essential to success, new survivors can be switched out to when your character is tired, and they come with unique skills such as construction and medical skills.
  • There are achievements for recruiting survivors.
  • Use vantage points to uncover enclaves and hideouts, after you uncover these, you may receive a radio call asking you if they can join.
  • Head to their area and speak to their leader for them to join.
  • Stranger in need missions also have survivors that will join you once you rescue them. These missions are some of the best to find survivors.
  • Another way to find survivors is to send out a distress signal in your radio menu. This will send out a message to survivors who are looking for a place to stay. This takes around 20 mins to complete, so send out the call regularly. Lilly will report to you after 20 mins and tell you about stranger of distress missions, an enclave that needs defending, or new neighbors. All of these can become friends and join your camp.
  • When you move home, new survivors will appear more frequently.
  • The main storyline also has quests where you can rescue survivors.
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