State Of Decay Special Infected Guide

State of Decay Special Infected Guide

In State of Decay there are six types of special zombies:

Standard: Regular zombies that are pretty much everywhere. They aren't tough by themselves, but in a group, they can quickly overwhelm a survivor.

Big Un:  As stated in the Big Un Guide, these can be handled with fire or explosives. If you don't have any, try using a big car like a truck and ramming into the Big Un. If you knock it down, try getting out and pressing LB + Y to finish it off. Otherwise, ram it a few times and it should die. Your car will take major damage when ramming a Big Un, and could explode. Headshots also work well, try throwing a molotov at a Big Un, then shoot it in the head a few times to finish it off.

Feral: This is a super fast zombie that has the ability to jump at you and dodge your attacks. His attacks also do a lot of damage, so try not to get hit. The best way to take care of feral infected is a shot to the head. If you don't have any ammo, drop kick him using LB + A and then finish him off with LB + Y.

Screamer: This special infected is another zombie that isn't dangerous by himself, but what he can do is scream and alert all zombies nearby. So if you happen to see one, you should take it out as fast as possible.

Swat Zombie: These zombies are armored and behave pretty much like a standard zombie. The best way to deal with these is a dropkick (LB + A) and then finishing them off (LB + Y). Don't try shooting these, you will just waste your ammo.

Bloater: These special infected explode after they die and leave a damaging mist behind. Avoid fighting these up close, or running them over with your car as the mist can damage you while you're still inside the car. The best way to deal with Bloaters is to shoot them from a distance.

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