State of Decay Stealth Guide

Here is a State of Decay Stealth Guide that teaches you how to survive silently and live longer

Stealth tips and hints

  • You can use noise to your advantage. 
  • Hold the B button to sneak up on a zombie. You can then hold the left bumper and press the Y button to execute the zombie quietly.
  • When you forage, if you hold the left bumper, it will go faster, but there is a chance you will alert a lot of zombies.
  • Use bushes to hide.
  • A single zombie usually means there are more around, try to be quiet when taking it out.
  • Using a vehicle is very useful by luring zombies out with the horn and then running them over. Note that vehicles are not that strong and after some hits, they will break down! So don't think you can just drive around and run over zombies all day. It's best used in certain situations. Cars also take 24 hours to respawn, keep that in mind.
  • You can use flares and other items to attract a bunch of zombies into an area, and then throw a grenade or a molitov to kill them all! You can also use these noise makers to lure zombies out a building you may want to search.
Guide submitted by LetsPlayCatGaming. If you would like to submit your own hints or tips for State of Decay please post a comment below. Thanks for your contributions.