State of Decay Supply Run / Resource Farming Guide

State of Decay

Supply Run / Resource Farming Guide:
  • The survivors in your camp will need daily resources such as medicine and food.
  • It's up to you to go and scavenge items from nearby buildings and other places.
  • It's best to bring a vehicle with you for these runs so you can get back with the supplies quickly.
  • Once you find resources, put some on your back, and then call in a survivor to come collect the other resources in the building.
  • Optional: Now you can either go back to camp and quickly drop off your resources and then head back to help the survivor gather the other resources, or you can wait for them there.
  • Once the survivor arrives, talk to them and they will start gathering resources, and it's at this point where lots of zombies will attack the building you are in, regardless of whether they can hear you / see you or not. 
  • You must defend the area while the survivor gathers the resources, and then head back to base with them to drop them off.
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