State of Decay Tank Build Guide (Marcus)

State of Decay Tank Build Guide

Here is a State of Decay Tank Build Guide(Marcus) submitted by Jonny.

I'm aware this game allows you to build characters as you choose but there is no doubt certain characters are better suited for certain roles. In this build guide I will share some of the best I come up with to help non-RPG players maximize a characters potential. I will include tips on how to level up skills the first time I use them in a build. Feel free to share any of your own.


  • Recommended Character - Marcus
  • Required Personal Skills - Powerhouse (Less stamina use on Heavy Weapon Combat, Extra carrying weight)
  • Weapon Specialization - Heavy Weapons
  • Special Attack - Spin - Hold LB and press Y to spin your weapon and knockdown all close zombies
  • Special Technique - Combat Endurance (Stamina decreases 50% slower during combat)
  • Utility Skill - Pro Wrestling (Hold LB and press B to dodge and bodyslam an opponent)
This character's main duties will be taking care of Infestations, Hordes and Special Zombie hunts. Their main mode of transportation should be car but when required to move on foot never let your stamina bar drop below half. Never use anything but Heavy Weapons, take advantage of the Powerhouse carrying capacity bonus and have atleast 2 on you at all times.

 Don't be afraid to swing it out against large groups since your sheer force will make short work of them, and the Powerhouse's Heavy Weapon stamina bonus paired with the Combat Endurance technique means you can swing it out for a decent period of time before you need a break. Don't rely too much on snacks but be sure to keep a decent amount of painkillers on you.

If you're not above 'grinding' grab a pack full of snacks and sprint in circles near the safety of your homebase, once your stamina is depleted eat a snack and repeat until you're maxed out.

Real easy to max this one out, just keep slaughtering groups of Zeds and you'll have it in no time.


You'll no doubt pick this up as you level up fighting.


Same as the two above, just make sure you're using a Heavy Weapon.

If you have any builds or tips for improving this build please post them in the comments below. Thank you for your contributions and for visiting the site.