State of Decay Big 'Un Zombies Guide

State of Decay Big Un Zombies Guide

How to Kill Big Un Zombies in State of Decay:
  • Molitovs and explosives work well against Big Un Zombies.
  • Shoot them in the head. Note that it takes at least a few headshots for them to die.
  • Another way is to use a car. Get a bigger car like a truck and ram the big uns as much as you can, note that your car will take major damage, and when it's about to explode, try to get near the big un and have the car explode near it.
  • If you can do it fast enough, once you ram a big un with a car, get out and try to execute it by hitting Left Bumper and Y.
If you would like to submit your own hints or tips for killing Big Un Zombies please post a comment below. Thanks for visting!