State of Decay: Where To Find Large Backpacks Guide

Here is a State of Decay Where To Find Large Backpacks Guide that shows you how to get your hands on Large Backpacks and also the locations and where to find them. Larger Backpacks mean a larger inventory, which in turn means you can carry more things and more importantly, bring more useful items home for the survivor camp back at home! Guide submitted by LetsPlayCatGaming.

Note: If you're just starting out, you can get some large backpacks in the camp ground. They will really help early on in the game. (They spawn in camp sites, so check for those on your map. Note that they don't always's random. If you just started a new game, and can't find a large backpack in one of the starting camps, I recommend starting a new game again and trying. Last time I did this I ended up getting 2 large backpacks on my first restart :)

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