The Last Of Us Multiplayer Tips

The Last of Us Multiplayer Tips

Here are a lot of The Last of Us multiplayer tips submitted by CrossFire and others. If you have any of your own tips or hints please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions.
  • Going into this I'm just going to state that I'm not some Guru of multiplayer games or TLOU multiplayer. I do fairly well and haven't had a problem getting supplies. But the multiplayer in this game does have a bit of a steep learning curve and the purpose of this post is to get you on the ground running.
  • Which leads me to my first tip DO NOT SPRINT - Sprinting gives away your position on the map. In fact there are only two times I can recommend sprinting one is if your whole team is in a firefight and you need to be there to assist quickly and two is if you need to run away from a confrontation your about to lose.
  • Stay close it will be very hard to take you all out if you remain within eyesight of one another. This game revolves around TEAMWORK make sure your available to play whatever role is needed for the team be it medic or scout or hell even creating a diversion for everyone else to escape if need be.
  • Use the Store! Everything you do from reviving to getting kills to looting drop boxes nets you materials, Materials are used to upgrade weapons buy extra ammo or armor or even weapons from the in game store. The store can be accessed anytime by going into your backpack (select) and pressing R1
  • MARK your enemies! R3 will mark enemy locations and place an inverted red triangle above their heads for you and your team to see. This is an easy way to call the cavalry if you get separated or if you play without a mic.
  • CRAFT! Seriously, crafting nets you materials, as well as creating whichever item you have the materials for. Go for Molotov's over med-kits because med-kits can usually be found on the map. The brawler perk lets you create two items from the materials of one.
  • Don't forget about listen mode it works just like it does in single player, except it doesn't last as long and there is an interval for recharge. Listen mode has led to plenty of free kills I got off strays that try to clear buildings by themselves
  • Be Patient.... this is not Call of Duty. All that fast play run and gun will get you killed. Play with you teammates and you will be successful.
  • There is a third time you should sprint and that is at the begging of a round to the first loot box. The enemy knows where you are regardless because spawn points are the same and at most you'll blink on your enemies map for 5-7 seconds somewhere off in the distance at the opposite side of the map. 
  • This gives you a huge advantage as you're done crafting faster and allows you to set up an ambush for the other team.
  • Since it isn't completely obvious, your team can see through your teams smoke bombs while the enemy cannot. 
  • Armor is always more helpful than ammo in most cases. 
  • You don't need medkits to revive teammates. 
  • Don't bother hoarding boosters. Use the lesser boosters for most rounds and save at least 1 of the various useful ones for population missions (Upgraded long gun at the start, Ammo multiplier, etc). 
  • Always craft what you can after the first one or two loot boxes.
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  • After you die you can give details on the enemies position through the fixed map views.
  • ALWAYS revive a teammate first instead of executing an enemy. You'll run into situations where you save a downed teammate and down the enemy. Revive your teammate first because chances are the enemy team members are coming to revive their downed player as well. Executing the enemy will leave you vulnerable while reviving a teammate lets you fend off anyone coming your way and execute the enemy safely.
  • You can use bombs (the exploding kind, not molotovs or smoke bombs) two ways. You can throw them, which can be effective, or you can drop them on the ground by tapping R1. They then act like a land mine. They are visible to enemies and can be destroyed if shot, so try to hide them around corners or in areas with limited visibility. I use myself as bait sometimes just to lead enemies into a bomb trap (WARNING: the explosion will hurt you if you're too close). Also, molotovs are a nice way to insta-kill. Tip: down an enemy but DON'T KILL HIM. Wait for his allies to try and revive him while you throw a molotov safely from cover. You're never seen but you can watch as you roast two enemies at once.
  • There is no way you can avoid being downed into a bleed out and the only thing you've got is a second of time you can drop a bomb on the ground right under you (works best if you're around a corner) and leave it there. It seems like there is a weird invincibility phase when you are going down that makes it so when someone walks up behind you and shoots you are sticks you with a shiv it will go off and you might possibly live but they will just outright die. This has helped me out twice so far in getting an immediate revenge kill and being revived so I can get back into the thick of it.
  • Craft early and craft often. Getting supplies right at the beginning of a match can seriously turn the tide of battle.
  • Don't press select to craft. Use the d-pad and hold X. It's easier and quicker to do
  • Enemies behind cover, use a molotov. That'll teach them
  • If you run away from enemies, make sure you're also running towards your teammates
  • Don't underestimate the sidearms. Some of my best loadouts only have a revolver or 9mm. You don't always need a rifle.
  • Bombs, you can turn them into mines by pressing R1 without aiming. I've found them to be much more effective this way
  • Smoke bomb + shiv = instant win. You can shiv people from the front if they're stunned by a smoke bomb.
  • Buy armor first
  • If you get downed, try to crawl behind cover where a teammate can safely revive you.
  • Always revive before executing. Chances are the other enemies are going to know exactly where you are and its ideal to have backup
  • The blue blips on the map? yeah, you're going to want to pick those up
  • Slightly hurt? use a medkit. they're everywhere and they're easy to craft. That little bit of health can make the difference between 2 shots killing you, and 3 shots killing you.
  • R3 spots, but you can also spot bombs.
  • Always enter through the windows. Doors are bomb bait.
  • Hunting rifle sucks, and chances are you'll be too far away to get the supplies an enemy drops as well. If you want to use it, go ahead. But you're going to have to work harder collecting those supplies
  • Someone starts punching you? just shoot them. You'll always come out on top.
  • If 3 of your teammates are hanging together, and you're on the other side of the map... well you're the weak link.
  • If you get a melee weapon, upgrade that baby asap.
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