The Last of Us Shiv Door Locations Guide

Here's The Last of Us shiv door locations guide.
  1. After getting ambused by your first clicker, there is a shiv door on this floor
  2. Second area of the museum, after getting split up from the others. This will be in the cafe
  3. You will come up to an area with a couple clickers around with a building in the middle. Just left of this building as you approach it will be the door.
  4. This is located behind the record store
  5. Second floor of the book store, back right corner to the right of the cafe.
  6. After escaping the book store via the back staircase on the second floor, you will come to a an open area where you will enter the hotel. You'll see a yellow bridge in the far distance. When you enter this area, there is a brief cut scene where you see some enemies removing a plank. You will be hiding behind a yellow cab. Once you gain control, look immediately to your left for a door with a red X on it.
  7. Last of Us Shiv Door Locations Guide
  8. In the backroom of the Credit Union building
  9. In the area where you meet Henry and Sam. You'll go down a flight of stairs and this door will be right in front of you before heading down the next flight
  10. At the powerplant, there will be a door you need to shiv open right where you turn the wheel. Hard to miss
  11. This is in the building that you access by using a dumpster to open a gate, and again to climb up onto a truck. This is in the back.
  12. Once you gain control of Joel in the blizzard, you'll start near a gas station. Directly across the street is residence you can enter. Climb out of a bathroom window and a door that can be shived open will be just to your left. You can just walk around the building itself and you'll find it as well.
  13. After lifting Ellie through an opening so she can open the door, you will come to a hallway. Instead of taking the left, turn right and you'll see the door in front of you.
  14. This is behind the counter just as you walk into the 6th floor of the medical building.

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