Tom Clancy's The Division Will Be Online Only..Too

Why am I not surprised? What is it with the move to online only these days? After the earlier announcement from a Titanfall producer that Titanfall would not have a single-player mode, now Ubisoft has announced that The Division and The Crew will be online only games.

Ubisoft Europe General Director Alain Corre has stated that, "The Division will be always-online, because this is how the game is designed. It's a world that's always on and always living. The fact you're always-online is a must. (is it really now?) It's the same for The Crew. You can join your friends or not, but something is happening in this world all the time."

He went on to say that these were "not MMOs, You can have an experience on your own or with friends. It’s a non-stopping world, which is like life. You're getting closer to life.

We give the possibility for the gamer to always be in contact with these worlds. This is something that is completely new and refreshing"

Tom Clancys The Division

I will admit it will be interesting to see how both games incorporate these features. But I really hope not every game goes in this direction, I think having a solid campaign or offline single player mode is a huge plus for any game. Most people are not looking to play online only in games all the time, if they did, they would sign up for one of the countless MMORPGs out there.

Tom Clancy's The Division will be released Q4 2014 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Posted by George