7 Days to Die Hints, Tips and Tricks

7 Days To Die Hints, Tips and Tricks

Here are some 7 Days to Die hints, tips and tricks by Centinal. Thanks to Clifford for the updates to this page.

Tip #1: Lighting

Lighting no longer has any effect on zombies (or at least they still run at night if you shine a flashlight at them or place a torch I not sure about power or toughness but it probably doesn't work on that either.

Tip #2: Layers of security:

The zombies of 7D2D, are relentless foes, doing whatever they can to get inside of your base and kill you. This includes, destroying anything obstructing their path, and finding the path of least resistance. When, and if zombies do reach it to your base, they will eventually overtime compromise the structural integrity of your base. 7D2D has a feature, where you cannot build unrealistic structures, and your base must be structurally sound, or your building will collapse.

One way to counteract zombies destroying your bases is added layers of security. one good example would be a wall surrounding your base. I recommend 4 blocks high. The purpose of this wall is to give the zombies something else to whack at before they get to your base. if built strong enough, the zombies will spend the whole night attacking this wall. But the point is, you don't care about the structural integrity of the wall, that's it's purpose. it keeps the zombies occupied, without them having the chance to compromise the integrity of your actual base.

Tip #3: Defense mechanisms:
7D2D have, and still are implementing ways to defend your base. This includes, barbed wire, spike traps, and explosives(So far) Remember that wall? I recommend you put a layer of spike traps, on the inside, and outside of the wall. As for explosives, I do not recommend their use. Although they do a good job at killing zombies, they also produce huge holes in the ground, which can quickly become a danger. Bandits can hide in these holes, and remain relatively close to your base without knowing, You may fall in them, and zombies may also collect in them. It's also unsightly having random holes everywhere.

Tip #4: Adequate storage:
In almost every video about 7D2D you will often see the players running out of space in their inventory rather quickly, this is the purpose of plenteous storage units. You must make sure to have enough room to store all of your items, and keep them organized for ease. I recommend making a vault, out of the strongest material you can find, and hide it as best as possible, you will be keeping all of your items in here after all!

Tip #5: A safe bedroll, is a happy bedroll:
7D2D implemented a feature, letting you chose your spawn point, based off of where you have put down bedrolls(Beds, sleeping bags) Very much similar to Minecraft's spawning properties with beds. That being said you will want to keep this in a very secure place. Ideally where no one can find it, and spawn kill you, or destroy your spawn. I recommend hiding it in a wall, with adequate spawn to spawn in, and have a doorway filled up with materials matching the surrounding wall. This way if you do get attacked, you wont be able to be spawn killed too easily.

Tip #6: Random tips:
  • Goldenrod Tea is twice as effective as water (water does +20 hydration + stamina but the tea does +40 hydration + stamina. To make the tea you need to boil goldenrod (the yellow flower that grows randomly in grassy areas) over a campfire using a cooking pot.
  • Potatoes are the best food item in the game because they can be farmed, they grow 5-6 per plant, they do not need to be cooked, they don't decrease hydration, they give 1 health, and 6 fullness. So make a little potato farm and you will never have to worry about food again.
  • Zombies will dig randomly so if you made an underground base sooner or later they will get in.
  • Noise will not only attract the zombies around you but it will also cause hordes to spawn nearby and they will come after you.
  • Not all food items will decrease hydration (some actually increase it)
  • Almost every metal item you can break, will drop a specified amount of scrap metal
  • Flashlights can slow down zombies
  • Despite their look, and design, the bridges in 7D2D are not that strong, and is not recommended to base -on
  • You can pick up explosive barrels
  • You CAN craft shotgun shells
  • Spike traps lose durability, after every zombie killed
  • You no longer need to keep ammo in the hot-bar to use a gun (it can be put in inventory) but you will have to reload a newly built gun/bow (r button reloads by default)
  • By default, on death you only lose items on your hot-bar, move all important items into your inventory!
  • You can blow up, and destroy cars by shooting at them
  • Falling objects will do damage to players, and zombies
  • Still proven, the shotgun can be your most valuable item, used for mining, and collecting materials, also -does high damage
  • All head shots = death, unless it's a fat zombie
  • When pressing the Take All button, in loot piles, it will not automatically any items retrieved, to the one on your tool belt(Hot-bar)
  • Your stamina can go higher then your hydration but only if you use something that adds to stamina (like coffee)
  • As stamina goes down, you do less damage to blocks
  • When mining, make sure to support your mines, if not they may collapse
  • If you are trying to remove curtains from windows, the item below them, must be removed
  • When trying to collect safes, you must destroy blocks around it, not the safe itself
  • Ladders have a high durability, from zombie damage
  • You can hurt yourself on your own traps, be careful!
  • Loot at day, mine at night
  • All signs (Stop signs, speed limit signs) Can be collected by destroying the block below it
  • You cannot outrun zombies at night!
  • Beware of cacti, they damage you
  • Any blocks, or metal found on the ground, can be destroyed for scraps
  • This game is in alpha stage, report any bugs at www.7daystodie.com
If you  have any of your own 7 Days To Die hints, tips or tricks, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.