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Here's a Cube World water mage guide by Evetss. It teaches you how to play the class, gives you some general tips and strategies, reviews abilities, shows you a spec, and more.

The way I got to level 100 was not by grinding dungeons or cheat engine. Also I don't have a problem with people using dungeons or cheat engine to get to a high level, but I feel that you are shorting yourself on the amount of content that you experience.

Here is my current map as a sort of proof that I didn't do those things.(The map begins to cut off some of the further zones when it gets too big) So as you can probably tell the way I played the game was sticking to one seed and running from mission to mission and then moving to the next zone. I feel like this gave me the best chance to experience all the content currently available in alpha.


  • Aggro - Attention/Threat
  • AoE - Area of Effect
  • LoS - Line of Sight
  • Tank - Getting hit
  • DPS - Damage Per Second
  • Crit - Critical hit
General Tips/Strategies
  • Second Seed - I did use a second seed (world) to re-spec and obtain flasks in the early game. This might be viewed as not playing completely legit, but I feel running to town to re-spec becomes tedious and slows down experiencing the game.
  • Resurrecting Pets - If you click your pet out of the equipment slot then re-equip it, it will automatically be standing by you side no matter if it's dead or alive. This is also useful for when your pet becomes lost. This frequently happened to me when using the hang glider.
  • Turtle is the Best - These guys are tamed with cinnamon rolls and they are complete bad-asses. The more I try different pets, the less this is becoming an opinion.

    Here... can see that the thing has about 500 more hp than me. He is the only pet that isn't completely useless on boss fights. All other pets I have tried are just constantly dead from general AoE during boss. Also I think I heard that it also has a stun and on occasion he will grab aggro and tank for a few hits.
  • Visiting a Town - When visiting a town I get 50 flasks and 50 water filled flasks and make sure I've used all my Heartflowers to craft as many health potions as possible. This allows me to craft the maximum number of health potions without returning. Also check stores for lanterns, gear and recipes. Buy all green quality items (or higher) relevant to your class and level. I would also buy stuff that was above my level so that when I hit that level I wouldn't have to travel back to that town.
  • Crafting - This should be done at every town visit while leveling at lower levels. Crafting at lower levels offered me many gear upgrades. Also I would recommend not using wood/gold for customizing at the lower levels because you won't have the same weapon for very long and often times you will be able to craft a better weapon.
  • Traveling - I see a lot of people spend their skill points on hang gliding and riding before they have access to all their combat abilities. This is a horrible idea at low levels. I really didn't get any method of faster travel until around level 25 and even at that point I didn't put points into hang gliding AND riding. I would recommend putting skill points into riding first before hang gliding because you will get more combat efficiency putting points into your pets health than climbing. Climbing is pretty useless to put points into as a mage, because teleport can be used in almost every situation that climbing would be used. Also if your using hang gliding at a low level you will miss out on a ton of xp as you fly over it.
Water Mage Abilities
  • Torrent - When you hit your enemy consecutively it builds a combo. The higher your combo the faster your cast time is, until the number turns blue, which I think means you have reached the maximum effectiveness of the combo. (not 100% on this part)
  • Puddle Mechanic - When using bracelets or wands you will see a blue circle appear at the feet of your enemy and if your standing inside the circle you will receive some minor heals. (The Effect is the same with staffs just no visuals)
  • Mouse 1 - If you have a staff it's Water Swirl, a wand is Water Drop and bracelets is also Water Drop. This is your spam ability that costs no mana. If your at full health you should probably be using this ability. This ability also has splash damage, no matter the weapon of choice.
  • Mouse 2 - If you have a staff it's Water Vortex, a wand is Water Salvo and bracelets is Water Splash. All of these do more damage, cost 30 mana, have a cast time and have a chance to stun you enemy. The chance of stun seems to be about every 3 hits. That chance decreases if you enemy has a orange name or higher.
  • Healing Stream - This ability is unlocked by spending points in the Healing Stream box in your skill tree. Spending more points in this ability decreases the amount of mp used when it casts. With one point in the skill the base cost is 93.18 mp and it heals for about 70% of your total health.(When you cast it for it's full mana cost.) You don't have to have the full mana cost to cast it. It will just heal for as much mana as you spend.
  • Mana Shield - This ability is unlocked by spending points in the Mana Shield box in your skill tree and requires at least 5 points in the Healing Stream box. Spending more points in this ability decreases the cooldown. With one point in the skill the base cooldown is 19.09 seconds. It absorbs damage, but I can't seem to find out exactly how much.
  • Teleport - This ability is unlocked by spending points in the Teleport box in your skill tree and requires at least 5 points in the Healing Stream box and 5 points in the Mana Shield box. Spending more points in this ability decreases the cooldown. With one point in the skill the base cooldown is 15.09 seconds. Teleport will send you in the direction of your reticle a good distance and it can be used in a horizontal or vertical fashion.
Water Mage Spec
Here is my current spec:

The reason for no swimming or boating is because I don't care for Ocean biomes so when I run into them I just turn the other way. Spec is only really important in the early game, gear becomes much more important as you progress.
  • Focus on combat skills in a manner of Mana Shied > Healing Stream > Pet Health.
  • I dumped a huge amount of points into Mana Shield in early levels because it seems to be the better combat ability.
  • Don't feel the need to get Teleport early on because it won't really help your combat abilities all that much.
  • Like I said above wait a while before you spec into anything travel related because it will hinder your combat efficiency in the early game.
  • I recommend Riding over Hang Gliding because Pet Health > Climbing.
Water Mage Combat Strategy
  • Puddle Effect - Make full use of the puddle mechanic the self heals might seem small, but once you gut a full hit combo going they really start to add up. So stand in melee of use LoS to pull in range mobs.
  • Pre-Shield - When approaching a difficult mob or group of mobs I will cast Mana Sheild and then wait for the cooldown to come up before engaging. This allows me to use another Mana Shield as soon as that first one falls off. Also whenever you are in combat you should always use Mana Shield when it comes off cool down, as it costs zero mana
  • Son-of-a-Witch - My strategy for taking down witches/wizards (and most difficult encounters) is to use a Pre-Shield, then engage with one Mouse 2 ability and then spam Mouse 1. You should engage in melee range to take full advantage of the Puddle Effect. If they start using more lazers than Lazer Floyd, I will spam dodge until they stop. (Pre-Sheilding should buy you some reaction time). If you refrained from blowing all your mana you should still have some. Use this mana to cast Mouse 2 for the stun and wait till they stand up before you use Mouse 2 again. (You can't stun while they are already stunned)
  • +4 Melee Bosses - Some Melee bosses tend to just crit you for three times your health. The way I deal with this is to never let the boss hit me. This is done by kiting the boss in a linear fashion by teleporting past the boss, then dps'ing, then when the boss gets close spam dodge past him, then run for a bit, then turn 180 and use teleport. Use all your mana for Mouse 2 for the stun. (This will buy you extra DPS time.) I'd recommend just using health potions rather than using mana from Healing Stream, if you do manage to get hit and not one shot.
  • +4 Range Bosses - For difficulty boss fights that involve a heavy hitting range mob I tend to use Athene's PvP Strat. For those not familiar basically just find a column of some kind and continuously LoS. Spam Mouse 2 then go back to LoS'ing until you get back to full mana. Also use Pre-Shielding and Heal if you get knocked down or hurt some how.
If you have any of your own tips or hints for making a mage in Cube World, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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