Dark Souls II To Offer More Freedom

Dark Souls 2

According to Dark Souls II director, Yui Tanimura, the game will have even less restrictions on where you can go, and when you can go there than the original Dark Souls. While the original did have freedom, a lot of times, the game required you to complete certain objectives before allowing you explore further.

Here is the full quote from Yui Tanimura:

“Freedom of exploration is something we want to prioritize for Dark Souls 2, even more so than Dark Souls 1. In Dark Souls 1, you were able to travel to several areas, but hopefully for Dark Souls 2, there you have more freedom to explore throughout the game.”

“We realize in Dark Souls 1 there were some certain orders, like ringing the bells or going to Anor Londo, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In Dark Souls 2, we’re hoping we can provide more freedom so things don’t have to necessarily be done in a certain order. We’re hoping that if the player tries hard enough, or are willing enough, they could even start halfway through the game, depending on how willing or how brave they are.”

Dark Souls 2

This time around, Namco Bandai will also focus on the PC version more. The original Dark Souls had some problems when it first launched on PC, and requires a fan made mod to make it work correctly. Hopefully, Dark Souls II will work well out of the box on the PC.

Dark Souls 2 will revolve around a cursed character trying to find a cure for his agony. Though little has been revealed of the games story so far, the game's director mentioned that the sequel is linked to the original Dark Souls, but gave no specifics on how. It will also feature a more advanced AI system that allows enemies to react to a much wider range of actions by the player.

The game was originally announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 7, 2012 and is scheduled to be released sometime in March of 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. There have also been rumors about a possible PlayStation 4 version.


If you're interested in seeing some more gameplay videos of the game, check out the recently posted Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Videos page where you can watch gameplay footage of the Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight and Dual Swordsman.

Also, what do you think about there being more freedom in Dark Souls II than the original? Let us know in the comments below and check back for more Dark Souls II updates in the future.

Posted by George K