Dead Rising 3's 'Nightmare Mode' Explained

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 doesn't have the time-sensitive system from the first two games where you had a limited time to complete missions, but you can turn on schedules in Nightmare Mode.

Producer Josh Bridge said, “We purposely built a non time-restrictive mode and a completely time-restrictive mode – both following the same storyline.

“So if you want to, it’ll completely hand your ass to you with Nightmare Mode where the time-limit is going to be pushing you along a schedule – you’re going to have to meet and finish the missions at a certain time or you’re going to miss them; you’re going to miss the optional content; you’re going to run out of time – a bomb is going to likely nuke the whole area.

“You can only save in Washrooms and it [just] keeps that classic pressure,” he went on. “But if you want to have the freedom to explore… we have a bigger world and there’s even more stuff to do in it than any other Dead Rising, and if you want that and to take it all at your own leisure, that’s there for you. You can even hop between both modes if you want – it all goes to the one profile and saves all your experience points.”

Personally I probably won't be touching this mode. I really enjoyed Dead Rising 1 and 2, but I disliked how I had a timer to do everything. You couldn't really just go and explore and bash some zombie skulls in without constantly worrying that Katy might need some Zombrex. Also, I was constantly rushing to complete the game, and because of that, I wasn't enjoying it nearly as much. But I guess Nightmare Mode will be good for an extra challenge once you master the game.

Dead Rising 3 is slated for a November 2013 release exclusively on the Xbox One.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the time-sensitive system from the previous Dead Rising games?