No Multiplayer & Co-Op In State of Decay

No Multiplayer & Co-Op In State of Decay

I'm speechless and I have some bad news for State of Decay fans...looks like the game won't be getting mutliplayer and co-op after all. This is really sad because this game would be a lot of fun online or even with just would also sell a lot more copies. But I guess they don't want that? See the tweet below confirming that there will not be multiplayer or co-op in State of Decay.

I'm not even going to comment too much about this because I am feeling pretty pissed off right now. I am just going to say that they are making a huge mistake here, and this game would sell millions of copies if it had multiplayer or even co-op.

I'm not saying State of Decay is not fun as a single player game, but once again, I think all of us would have loved a multiplayer and a co-op component. The entire game just screams multiplayer fun. Think about a world where there are other survivors out there that you can either group up with, or fight against. Defending your bases from attacks by other players, while fighting zombie hordes at the same time, running into a hostile "bandit" while scavenging for items, fighting them and then taking all of their stuff, pretty much like DayZ, but a lot better. It would have been really fun.

I hope in the future they change their minds and implement it!

What are your thoughts about this? Are you as mad as I am about this announcement? Post a comment below and let me know.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, the game is awesome, in fact it's my favorite survival horror game ever, but I at least hoped that we would see some co-op. Defending against zombie hordes with a friend would have been awesome! 

Guess what UndeadLabs? I don't want an MMO...I just wanted some multiplayer or maybe a little co-op, so I can play the game with others.

Update: Good news everyone, Executive producer Jeff Strain stated that all future State of Decay games will have "co-op and multiplayer at the heart" Source

Posted by George, K