Planetside 2 On PS4 Will Use Maxed Out PC Settings

Planetside 2 on PS4

According to creative director Matt Higby, Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4 will have the same graphics settings as a maxed out PC version.

“Our plan right now is to basically take the PC game with maximum settings and have that be running on the PS4. So there won’t be any limitations in terms of number of players, there won’t be any limitations on the maps – so you aren’t going to get any dumbed down maps or anything like that.”

Higby also made a comment about the interface differences between the PC and PS4 versions:

“The biggest difference that you’ll see is going to be interface elements, they’ll be customised to work better with a console controller and other tweaks that make things work on a console game.”

“But there won’t be any core gameplay mechanic changes that make PlanetSide what it is. You’ll still have thousands of players per continents, all the vehicles and really deep character progression – all that stuff is going to remain intact.”

Planetside 2 is out now on the PC and will be released later this year on the PlayStation 4.

To get an idea of what Planetside 2 looks like with maxed out PC settings, check out the video below: