Rift Tips for New Players

Rift Tips

Here are a bunch of useful Rift tips for New Players by Archaegeo.

* When you get a larger bag, you can drag it over the smaller bag and it will replace it and move all the items from the small bag into the larger bag.

* Under Setting->Interface are NUMEROUS checkbox’s that can totally change how the game plays for you, including things like targeting my target and showing actualy health numbers in bars, etc

* You cannot chain cast via a single macro, however you can put multiple abilities in a macro and hit the same key and it will cast whichever one it can first. Ie, put reactives, then timed melee, then melee, then timed range, then range and just press the single button. Works great for making sure you dont miss the reactive popup, however in PvP it can make you a little worse because you arent always casting the exactly right ability.

* Runes (from runebreaking) make a HUGE difference in character ability.

* Do more rifts, planar shards matter.

* Purple and Blue planar shards are only good in the zone you earned them, but planite is good in all areas

* If you hit Escape to get to the main menu there is an “Import” button. It will import all settings (keybinds, graphics ooptions, layout, etc) from another character that you have already set up to the one you are on

* This link: Slash Commands- Shows the useful /commands, including such things as how to save and load equipment when you change roles.

* This link: ACT – Shows how to set up Advanced Combat Tracker for Rift (lets you fine tune your damage per second by trying different things and seeing the results)

* In the Raid window people’s names are color-coded by their role.
•Red = tank
•Purple = support (typically Bard)
•Blue = Healer
•Yellow = Ranged DPS
•Brown = Melee DPS

* When you complete some major quests, a diamond appears top center of your screen, click it to claim your loot for that event.

*In settings you can make it so you can queue spells / abilities up (default is short queue, can change to long queue or no queue)*

*Turning VSync off can DRASTICALLY improve your Frames per second*

*Under Settings there is a greyed out Global UI size. This will scale the bags and Character box, which you can not do manually under Edit Layout*

*If you collect an artifact, and when you go to add it the artifact window is just a blank screen – close it, press C, click on Artifact – and your option to add it will reappear*

*The Planar Lure that you get from an early quest will allow you to convert Tears to Rifts. You will get an additional point bonus for doing this, which will boost you up the leaderboard*

*Under Settings there is an Auto PVP Flag option – turning this off will not put you into PVP mode if you accidentally hit an enemy stone*

* When you have to use an item for a quest, no need to search it in ur inventory. Just press the icon apearing in your quest list on screen.

* Press Ctrl+F (default) to search your bags

* When key-binding, hover the mouse pointer over the action bar slot you want to bind a key to and press the key you want to bind to it

* /twitter and /twitterpic to make twitter updates while playing

* To search on H for an item, if you have one copy of it in your Bag, just Right click on this item and AH will auto-search the AH.

* Many NPC’s offer daily quests, for crafting, winning Warfronts, or simple quests. Doing them nets you nice rewards, experience, and faction coin for buying special items

* If you have a soul with no training points spent in it, you can swap it out for another soul without going to any trainer. Please note you must have at least 4 souls for this to work.

* At level 13 you can get quests (one at a time) for the other 5 souls you have not already gained. To get it, just go close a rift and then use the item in your bag, then turn in the quest. This lets you have 8 souls to choose between.

* You can have uip to 4 roles (each one costs more) so you can have 4 different setups. Also, you can make a macro that changes your role and all your equiipment (if neede, ie tank to dps spec)

* When you visit a vendor, there is a small icon at the bottom right of his trade window. The icon looks like a stack of coins, on a small circular button. This will sell all sellables (gray items) in your bags.

* While in game, type /exportui and hit enter, this saves a file in the rift folder for your ui setup
Then type /exportkeybindings and hit enter, this saves a file in the rift folder for your keybindings

Now when you go to another shard, etc., you can type /importui , then /importkeybindings .

* Here is another tip. Save different UI setups for melee, spellcasters, petusers, etc.

/exportui melee
/exportui spells
/exportui pet

* Auction EVERYTHING you dont need that is runebreakable. Runebreakers will buy inexpensive greens off the AH, allowing them to advance skill and you to make more than the vendor will pay.

* In the settings menu, there is an option to “Cast on Target of Target”; This is excellent as a healer spec. Keep your target as your tank, and you can continue to cast damaging spells at what your target is targeting, and still throw heals on your target, all without losing your tank target.

* CONTROL-LEFT CLICK on a piece of gear (weapon, armor) and a preview pane will pop up so that you can view the item on your character. (also can zoom in and rotate said character)

* Explore more. There are a lot of hidden places that have rewards in the too. One for example is the highest mountain peak in Silverwood, had a blue item for me and an achievement for reaching it.

* You can zone into a dungeon from anywhere if one member enters.

* Guild perks – Active ones need to be slotted or mapped to an action bar to be applied. Hit the ‘G’ key by default to open the Guild panel, click on perks and drag the item from the left hand set of perks to a slot and then left click to activate it.

* There are puzzles in each zone that reward random loot for completing. You can do these regardless of faction (guardian can come do defiant zone puzzles etc). These puzzles scale with level but have level caps depending on the zone. You get a title when you complete them all.

* When you’re at a vendor and want to buy in bulk (ie crafting supplies, potions, etc.) if you hold down SHIFT and RIGHT mouse click, it will pop open a volume slider and you simply put how many of ‘x’ item you want to buy and voila! Much easier!

* To turn on combat logging permenantly, go to your user/application data/Rift folder, and edit rift.cfg.
Change LogCombatConsole = False to True.

* Trainer window
Grey = Already learned
Green = Available to train
Red = Not high enough skill to train

* Crafting window
Grey = Will not give a skill up for creation
Green = Low chance to give a skill up for creation
Yellow = Good chance to give a skill up for creation
Orange = Guaranteed chance to give a skill up for creation

* Default key B to open all bags and Shift>B to enter search function

* The planar focus merchant in the capitals sells planar spells that are permanent, and not one use.
These include spells to upgrade a wardstone, call a repair bot (medic) to restore your vitality and a spell that increases your damage and reduces damage done to you for 30 secs.

* That there are 14 books in the guardian starting area & you can’t go back to get them once you’re in proper Telara

* CTRL-Y (default) starts/stops video recording. You can record up to 10 min at 720p in avi format. Then just upload to Youtube either in game, or manually. Good for amplifying forum posts.

* One spec does not fit all. An incredible world PVP spec might just stink in Warfronts, and vice versa. And the best PVE specs seem to often make you a sitting duck in PVP.

* Crafters make temporary (4hr) buffs that are super useful, including damage whetstones and speed and armor buffs. If you need an edge in combat, this is what you use.

* You can do some cool daily expert and raid rift quests. These quests offer currency that you can use to buy epic planar essences and greater essences which greatly enhance specific ebilities of each soul.

* The guild perk: Summon Rally Banner – The Banner vanishes if you log out after placing it or more too far away from it after placing it. This is a great way though to get your level 10 mage that is 300 in outfitting marked at the Wrymbane Spire portal for Daily quest turn ins.

* For rogues, if you take Nightblade and Assassin, you can get two saps, one ranged and one melee. This will let you park two critters at once and is invaluable for grabbing harvest components from the middle of elite critters.

* If you don’t want to craft, take all 3 gathering professions (butchering, mining, foraging). Then each day find out what he daily crafting quest is and those materials will sell really well on the auction house. (up to 1p per sometimes)

* If you are a crafter, save your extra materials for the same reason as above, you will need them in the future.

* There is a UI option that lets you see what ability causes what damage on the screen, both to you and to your opponent. Use this to learn how your opponent is killing you and how to counter it, or even mimic his style. Learning from death is the only thing that makes it worthwhile

* There is a current limit of 30000 planarite. If you go over it you lose any extra.

* If you do not complete a daily on the day you get it, you can still turn it in another day. You cn also get the new daily while the previous one is incomplete. (This is supposed to change in 1.2)

Do you have any of your own tips, hints, secrets or a guide for Rift? Post it in the comment below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site!

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