Rust Beginners Guide & Tips

Here's a Rust Beginners guide that teaches you how to build your first base and acquire weapons.

Getting Started:
  • When you first spawn in Rust, you will be spawned at a random locations on the map. Note that there are no maps in the game currently, and no compasses.
  • You need to eat to survive, you can get raw meat by killing wildlife on the map. First kill one, and then keep hitting it with your pickaxe or hatcher and you can harvest the raw meat. You can use a campfire to cook it.
  • Check out the Rust Controls page to get a full list of controls.
  • First you should gather wood. Wood is used as the primary resource in building houses. To gather wood, you need to locate a tree or a wood pile and then use a hatchet or pickaxe to gather wood from it. Pickaxes are better and faster than hatches and they give more wood. Trees contain a lot less wood per hit than wood piles. So wood piles are your best bett.
  • Next you should gather Metal Ore and Sulfur. Metal ore and sulvur are used to craft weapons and other items. In order to craft metal ore and sulfur, you need to locate a rock. Use your hatcher or pickaxe (pickaxes are faster) on the rock. Once it runs out of resources, it will disappear.
  • After you have gathered some wood, you should create a campfire so you can smelt. 
  • Press TAB and click the crafting button at the top of your screen. Now click the Campfire and craft it. Now you can drag the newly crafted Campfire into the hot bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you can drag your metal ores into the inventory of the Campfire.
  • Once you have smelted metal ores, you get Metal Fragments.
  • Now we can craft guns! Go into the crafting tab and craft the 9mm Pistol.
  • Now you need to craft some 9mm bullets for your gun. To make ammo, you need gunpowder and metal fragments.
  • Gunpowder can be found inside crates, or from zombie drops. A research kit can be used on some gunpowder and it will create a blueprint for you.
  • Now it's time to make a house. You need a lot of wood to build a house, open your inventory and go to the crafting tab. 
  • Start by crafting a foundation. Now craft some pillars and maybe a door.
  • Choose a good location and put down your foundation, add some pillars to give walls a place to attach to.
  • Once you put up the pillars, put up some walls, a door and then a roof! Good luck!

Health tips:
  • Bleeding: Note that if you start bleeding, you will need to use a bandage or you will bleed to death. You can also use medkits if you are low on health or bleeding. Medkits restore 50 hp when used. 
  • In order to use a medkit or a bandage, hit TAB to open your inventory, drag the item into your inventory bar, and press the corresponding number to select it.
Other tips:
  • Note: Make sure when playing you don't hit ESC because that will make you exit the game.
If you have any of your own hints, tips, guides, cheats, or anything else for Rust, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions, and for visiting the site!