Skyrim Total Conversion Mod Enderal Trailer

Skyrim Total Conversion Mod Enderal Trailer

Enderal is an upcoming total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It adds a new landmass to explore, lore, and new characters completely independent from Skyrim. It also features an overhauled gameplay system.

Full mod description: "Enderal: The Shard's of Order will be Nehrim's sucessor with it's, own world, lore and characters. It runs completely independent from Skyrim and will feature an overhauled gameplay system, a huge landmass to explore - ranging from peaceful heaths to lush forests, over sandy deserts to snowy mountains - and a mature, thought-provoking plot. The above grants is a small insight into the world of Enderal."

Enderal is being developed by SureAI, the same modding team who released the Nehrim mod for Oblivion, a total conversion mod that contains a world bigger than Oblivion.

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