Soloing Possible In The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

According to The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online Studios, the dungeons in the game are geared towards group play, but solo areas do exist.

Here are some quotes from the Q&A with ZeniMax regarding solo play in the game:

“The Elder Scrolls Online is set up to be a fluid experience. As you wander the landscape you’ll encounter caves, forts, tombs, dungeons, and etc.

“Certain rare locales will just be for solo players, and some dungeons are meant for groups made only of people you choose to go in with. Most locales, however, will be accessible by everyone. Some might be too dangerous for you because of your current level, but you can always come back when you are more powerful if you want to complete them solo.

“We recommend grabbing a friend or grouping up with a stranger if it seems too tough, though, because that’s all part of the fun.”

The Elder Scrolls Online

Some dungeons can be tackled solo, but you need to be high level enough to do it. This may require grouping and leveling until you're strong enough to handle things on your own. ZeniMax also added that the dungeons in the game will not have lock-out timers, meaning you can try them as many times as you want.

Even though I am looking forward to trying The Elder Scrolls Online, one can't help but to want another Skyrim. Hopefully they will pull this off, and make it so the game caters to both people who like playing in groups, and those who prefer a solo experience.

The Elder Scrolls Online is scheduled to be released Spring 2014 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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