Ubisoft Plans To Support Watch_Dogs For Ten Years


Ubisoft has announced that the publisher is planning to invest in Watch_Dogs for at least a span of ten years.

Here's the full quote from the Ubisoft interview with The Guardian

"Honestly that’s what we’re doing too. Here’s the way we think about it: even if we change our minds mid-course or after shipping Watch Dogs and say ‘scratch that, we’ll do something else’, the planning helps to make a strong core. We’ve all seen TV series where after a season there are a lot of mysteries; then at the start of season two you think, they didn’t know what was going to happen – they’re just stringing us along! You feel it! And it’s the same with games.

If there’s a clear long-term plan, you’ll have stronger characters, the universe will be more coherent. So when you have the luxury of creating a new brand – which is happening less and less in this industry, you need to do just that. We’ve been doing the same thing Bungie has been doing – we’re trying to see how our characters and world will evolve. That’s always in the back of our heads."

Watch_Dogs will be released this holiday season on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.