Volition Explains Why Saints Row 4 Is Not Next-Gen

Saints Row 4

Volition's Jim Boone was asked why Saints Row 4 is not on its way to the next-generation consoles.

“We’d been working on [Saint's Row 4] for a little while and hearing the rumours about the timeline the new consoles might come out, but we didn’t know for sure,” he said.

“The big thing for us was, we wanted to make sure we had time to do the game right. Going back in our history, we did Summoner way back in the day as a launch title for PS2 and it was hard. We were able to do it but it was brutal. There were things we had to rush as we just didn’t have time to polish.”

“We’d learnt from our past and weren’t about to pump the game out and cut corners,” he said.

“That’s why with Saint’s Row IV we didn’t want to do the thing we did with Summoner. Saints Row 1 was the blueprint: doing what’s right for the game rather than rushing to get something out.”

Boone also noted that Volition isn't sure what their next project is, and that their new relationship with Koch Media is still "finding its feet".

Saints Row 4 is scheduled to be released on August 20, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and August 23 in Europe.