DICE Explains Why Mirror's Edge 2 Took So Long

Mirrors Edge 2

DICE's Patrick Bach has comments on why it took longer than you might expect for Mirrror's Edge 2 to get announced.

He said, “the interesting thing is that it’s not about EA blocking DICE, it’s about DICE not… Imagine this: it’s your own money. What do you want to bet on? You want to bet on something that you know will be great. You can’t just bet on a name. You need to have like, what’s the concept?”

“Not until we knew what we wanted it to be and felt comfortable we then pitched it to EA. Then usually when we like it, everyone else likes it. So I think we are the bad cop in most cases when it comes to scrutinising ideas and IPs and features, or whatever it might be. Then again, we are the development studio with creative freedom, I would argue. We would not try to pitch something that we didn’t believe in, and that takes time. Sometimes you want something but you don’t really believe it will pan out that well.”

“I think the most important thing you can do is treat your IPs with respect, and the good thing right now – and maybe I shouldn’t talk about EA as a whole right now because my PR [is here] – but in general, EA is very positive about us, like [asking us], ‘What do you want?’, instead of someone telling you, ‘Build this, do that’.”


Mirror's Edge 2 was originally announced at E3 2013, and currently has no known release date.