FF14 Advanced Job and Class Requirements

FF14 Advanced Job and Class Requirements

Here are the Advanced Job & Class Requirements in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In order to unlock the advanced jobs, you must first reach level 30 in your main class, and level 15 in the sub class listed. 

Once you complete these requirements, you will be able to get the quest for the advanced job from your guild for your main class. (How to unlock other classes / jobs in FFXIV)

  • Bard = 30 Archer / 15 Pugilist
  • Summoner = 30 Arcanist / 15 Thaumaturge
  • Scholar = 30 Arcanist / 15 Conjurer
  • Dragoon = 30 Lancer / 15 Marauder
  • Black Mage = 30 Thaumaturge / 15 Archer
  • White Mage = 30 Conjurer / 15 Arcanist
  • Monk = 30 Pugilist / 15 Lancer
  • Warrior = 30 Marauder / 15 Gladiator
  • Paladin = 30 Gladiator / 15 Conjurer

Heavensword Update

In order to play as a Dark Knight, Machnist, Astrologian or Ninja, there are a few requirements you must fufill first. You must first have a level 50 combat class, and have completed "Before the Dawn" which is all the story quests that take place before the 3.0 update. Once you meet these requirements, the quests to unlock the advanced jobs will become available. Below is a recommended way of becoming each of the new jobs.

  • Ninja - If you wish to be a Ninja, start the game as a Pugilist.
  • Dark Knight - In order to become a Dark Knight, start as a Gladiator.
  • Machinist - To play as the Machinist, start the game as an archer.
  • Astrologian - To play the Astrologian job, start the game as a Conjurer.
Stormblood Update

In order to unlock and play as the Red Mage and Samurai, you must be have at least a level 60 combat class (DoW or DoM).