Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Rotation Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Rotation Guide

Here's a Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Rotation guide by dowen86.


(Pre-cast) Thunder II > Fire III > Fire I (until near oom) > Ice III > Thunder II > Fire III....

  • Use Firestarter procs on Fire III
  • Use Thundercloud procs on Thunder III
Reasoning for Thunder II. Because of the cast time on Thunder III and the small potency increase between II and III, hard casting Thunder III is less dps than hard casting Thunder II and using the thundercloud procs on III.

There is one other rotation we am still testing, which involves transpose at low mana and Blizzard I instead of using Blizzard III. I will update this thred as we finish testing.

Stat Weights: INT > Determination > Crit > spell speed

Not sure of the weight of Accuracy as I don't have much on gear and still don't seem to be missing. Seems that you get it on rings pretty regularly and a couple other pieces of gear, which seems sufficient. If any of us run into issues with accuracy I will be sure to inform.

Spell speed is a terrible stat and not worth much as it only drops the cast time by hundreths of seconds. It takes way to much spell speed to make any kind of impact on your cast times.

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