Guild Wars 2 Infographic Shows Stats from the MMO's First Year

Guild Wars 2 Infographic

Guild Wars 2 fans over at NeoGAF have posted a new infographic showing statistics from the MMO's first year online. Also coming up is a new Guild Wars 2 event, The Queen's Speech, which will take place on August 20th.

The infographic:

Guild Wars 2 Year One Infographic

Thanks, NeoGAF

The Queens Speech event on August 20th, official press release:

World vs. World XP and Point adjustments – the World XP rate is increasing
We’re making it easier to earn World XP points for playing normally in World vs. World by increasing the WXP rate across the board! As an added bonus, we’re adjusting World vs. World Ability Points so that your total points are equal to your current rank. New characters will start off with one ability point, and all existing characters will receive one more.

World vs. World Trebuchet Mastery
Become a master of destruction with the new Trebuchet Mastery ability line! Increase your efficiency with Trebuchets by upping your basic shot damage, increasing your Trebuchets’ hit radius, adding a new supply-draining effect to your basic shot, and learning a new Healing Oasis skill that provides healing to your teammates.

The End of Culling in PvE – the limit on the number of characters players can see on screen is being removed

On 20th August, we’re turning off culling, which will remove the limit on the number of characters you can see on-screen at once. The cities of Tyria will now be even more vibrant and bustling than ever