Installing Forge 1.5.2 on the New Minecraft 1.6 Launcher

Note: You can also skip everything and just download the old 1.5.2 launcher from the bottom of this page: The only downside is that the old launcher cannot play any Minecraft version above 1.5.2, but if you just want to use 1.5.2 for some mods, then you should be good to go.

Ever since the new 1.6 Minecraft launcher was released, installing forge and other things sadly became more complicated. It used to be you would copy the forge files into your Minecraft.jar file, and then Forge would be ready to use! But now, it takes a lot more steps that require changing profiles and installing different versions. But don't worry because Kado from Youtube will help you install forge 1.5.2 on the new launcher in the video above.

If you have any questions or are having problems, feel free to post a comment below. It took me a few tries to install it myself, so I know how confusing it can be.

If you mess up for some reason, remember that you can always hit start, type in %appdata% then find your .minecraft folder and delete it. Then you can start the steps in the video above over.

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