Final Fantasy XIV First Patch and New Content Details

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 21 and Content Details

Final Fantasy XIV is getting its first patch (2.1) as well as some new content. Below is a list of everything being added.
  • Player housing with 380+ pieces of decoration to customize your house.
  • New Dungeons are being added.
  • One dungeon is called the "Crystal Tower", and will require 24 players.
  • A new "hard mode" boss is being added.
  • PVP is finally making its way to FFXIV, called "The Wolve's Den", it will have two teams of four players fighting each other.
  • Treasure hunting modes for solo or multiplayer.
  • Daily quests to fight special enemies.
  • Random match ups with other players.
  • More details will be announced soon.

Thanks, Siliconera