GTA 5 Off Road Racing

GTA 5 Off Road Racing

To start off-road races in GTA 5, first you must have an ATV or an off-road motorcycle, then you need to find the locations on your map marked by a checkered flag icon.

Some tips for off road racing:

  • Don't try to attack the competition as it will result in a fail.
  • You can however bump other drivers off their vehicles.
  • You can hold Y (Xbox 360) or triangle (PS3) to get back to the track quickly if you go off course.
  • You can draft and increase your speed by staying behind other racers.
  • Long wheelies or leaning forward will get more speed out of your ATV or your bike.
  • Watch for shortcuts during the races.

Have any other GTA 5 off-road racing tips? Please post them in the comments below.

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