GTA 5 Shooting Range Challenges Guide

GTA 5 Shooting Range Challenges Guide

Here's a GTA 5 shooting range challenges guide. Visiting the Shooting Range is the fastest way in the game to quickly raise your shooting skill to 100%. You should try to get Gold in all the challenges as the increase in shooting skill is highest. Also remember you have to do them on all three characters to raise everyones shooting skill.

To find shooting ranges, look for the gun icon with a white background (Ammu-Nation) on the map, then go to the back of Ammu-Nation to find the Shooting Range. (It costs $14 to enter)

At the Shooting Range, there are various challenges which require quick reflexes. Many of the targets in the later challenges move fast, and require direct bullseye shots for the most points. Black rings are worth 10 points, blue zone is worth 25 points, the red zone 50 points, and the yellow zone, right in the center, is worth 100 points.

With consecutive hits on the targets, your combo bar can increase your multiplier bar in the lower-right corner of the screen. If you miss, it will reset the bar. (Max multiplier is 3x).

If you are having a tough time hitting the targets, try adjusting your aim sensitivity in the settings.

Also during the shotgun challenges, if you move back a bit, you can increase your ammo spread and get a better score.

Shooting Challenge Weapon Categories include:

  • Hand Guns
  • Assault Rifles
  • Submachine Guns
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Heavy

If you have any of your own hints, tips or tricks for the Shooting Range challenges in GTA V, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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