GTA 5 Online Preview

GTA Online Preview

Here's a preview of GTA Online multiplayer from CVG.

Some notes from the preview:
  • GTA Online will be a 55MB update on release.
  • The game starts with you getting picked up from the airport by Lamar who says he met you on Lifeinvader. (Online takes place right before the storyline in GTA 5.)
  • The first mission goes straight to a street race with other players.
  • All missions have a player rating system which can help you decide on which ones you want to play.
  • Single player characters will call you up asking for job, that includes the characters you actually play as in the single player. (For example at some point Trevor will call you up and give you missions.)
  • There is an RPG progression system.
  • Every clothes store uses one big menu to buy all your clothes through meaning you can buy every single bit of clothing from just one store.
  • Your contacts list shows people from your friends list, and you can call them up to play.
  • You will need to pay to enter certain missions or jobs.
  • You can use your bank account to pay for things in stores.
  • There are still pedestrians online, and other little details found in single player. There is less traffic and pedestrians, but not so much that it is very noticeable.
  • ATM's are marked on the map which could make it harder getting money out of the bank if someone see's you near an ATM on the map.
  • The stock market is in the online mode and will be affected by player actions. You can buy garages, apartments, and more.
  • There is a passive mode which you can turn on that prevents you from using guns, but you can drive around and buy things without getting griefed by other players.
  • Weapons are locked to your level, so you can't just buy the best guns until you have leveled up first.
  • There's a game mode called Top Fun which involves one team on dirt bikes that have to get to a certain point on the map and one team in fighter jets who are trying to stop them. (You can have 8 fighter jets vs 8 people on bikes)
  • Eventually players will be able to create missions using the tools Rockstar provides.
GTA Online is scheduled to launch October 1st.