GTA V Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some GTA 5 Frequently Asked Questions by Drac.

Also check out the GTA V Official technical support site.

Are there cheat codes?


Do the cheats codes use the phone?

No, they are like previous GTA's (Bar IV)

Do you need to do missions to unlock the scuba gear?

No. There is a boat that you can get the gear from.

Are there sharks in game?

Yes, and they will kill you with ease.

How do you evade the cops?

If you break the line of sight, then they start looking for you. After a while they give up.

Is the driving unrealistic?

From what I have seen the cars seem to 'stick' to the road a lot better. And also, you can pull away with the accelerator to the floor and still be able to control the car with ease.

Can you load Jet ski's onto trailers? 


On a scale of 1 to 10, how big is the map?


Are there thunderstorms?

Yes, there are some pretty crazy storms which I imagine will make the flying a lot more fun.

How do you get a parachute?

You can buy one, or there is one at the top of Mt. Chilead by the cable cars. You do not automatically have one once you exit an airborne vehicle.

When you die, do you lose all of your weapons?

As far as I am aware, you only lose your ammo.

What things can you customise?

Nearly everything that can move (Cars, boats, planes, helicopters.. the characters)

Is there snow in the game?

Yes. The snow cycles with the other weather variants.

When you get a 5 star wanted level, do the Army come after you? 

No, I do not think so.

Can you drive trains?


Can send send pictures from the in game phone to external devices?


Can you raise your stealth attributes? 

Yes. And all the other attributes can be raised.

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