Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

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Game Details:

Gran Turismo 6 is the sixth major release and the twelfth game overall in the Gran Turismo series. It was released worldwide on December 6, 2013. The game features tracks with variable weather and time of day, and a dynamic celestial sphere, so that the stars at night have accurate positions to to real life.

Gran Turismo 6 also features a festival called "Vision Gran Turismo" featuring concept cars designed designed for the game by various companies which include Air Jordan and Nike, as well as automobile designing companies such as Zagato. Currently no DLC have been released for the game, but several cars have been released after launch through updates. The cars include the Toyota F1-concept, the BMW M4, and the Mario Andretti's 1948 Hudson.

  • Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3
  • Release Date: December 5, 2013 in Japan, December 6, 2013 Worldwide.
  • Genre: Racing