Dead Rising 3 Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Dead Rising 3 Cheats Codes and Secrets

Here are some Dead Rising 3 cheats, codes and secrets for this post-apocalyptic zombie game for the Xbox One.

Achievements Guide:

Achievement NameWhat to doPoints
A Little AmbitionPurchase 1 Attribute.5
Almost FamousComplete 25 PP Trials.25
ApprenticeReach level 5.5
Be a Dick!Join a Co-op game.5
Certified SurvivalistWin 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.5
CollectorPick up 250 different weapons.5
Complete the PackageComplete Overtime.50
CustomizerCreate 5 combo vehicles.5
Day at the MuseumComplete Chapter 5.20
DrivenDrive 20 different vehicles.5
Duct Tape MasterCreate every combo weapon.20
EngineerCollect 50 blueprints.25
EnviousDefeat the envious survivor.25
ExpertReach level 25.15
Family ManComplete Chapter 3.20
Fashion PlateCollect 100 different clothing items.5
Gang BangerLead a full posse of 5 survivors.5
Genius of Zombie SlayingKill 72,000 zombies.25
GluttonousDefeat Darlene.25
GreedyDefeat Albert.25

Happy CamperComplete Chapter 4.20
Help WantedAdd 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.10
JourneymanCollect 25 blueprints.20
Ladder ClimberPurchase 10 Attributes.10
Left 100,004 DeadKill 100,004 zombies.30
Local HeroSave 1 survivor.5
LustyDefeat Dylan.25
Man of the PeopleSave 15 stranded survivors.10
Master BuilderCollect 100 blueprints.30
Master MechanicCreate every combo vehicle.10
Master of MassacreKill 53,597 zombies.20
Maxed!Reach level 50.50
Morgue-ifiedComplete Chapter 2.10
Nightmare MasterComplete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.75
PlannerCollect 5 blueprints.15
Prestige HoundComplete all PP Trials.50
PrestigiousComplete 10 PP Trials.10
PridefulDefeat Jherii.25
QuarantinedComplete Chapter 1.10
SideswipedComplete 20 side missions.10
SlothfulDefeat Theodore.25
SpecialistMax out a single attribute.50
StarterComplete Chapter 0.10
Survival Training MasterWin 25 Survival Training Gold medals.20
Survival Training SilverWin 25 Survival Training Silver medals.10
T.I.O.D. DiscipleCreate 50 combo weapons.5
The Doctor is OutComplete Chapter 6.30
Them’s the FactsComplete the Facts.30
WrathfulDefeat Zhi.25
Zombie ButcherKill 1,000 zombies.10
Zombie KillerKill 100 zombies.5
Zombie SlayerKill 10,000 zombies.15

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