Phil Spencer Says Killer Instinct Business Model is "An Experiment"

Killer Instinct Business Model is an Experiement

Microsoft's Phil Spencer comments about the Killer Instinct business model.

"I think that it’s an experiment, and by observing it we’ll be able to gauge it. As a first party, we like to try new things. After all, giving a character for free letting the player choose what he wants to buy is a very interesting strategy and we’re curious to see how it’ll develop.

"I have to say that it seems a particularly suitable solutions for fighting games, in which players normally use only two or three fighters and neglect all the others. Project Spark has a similar model. At first we distribute the framework, then we sell the packages with additional materials.

"These business models offer advantages even on the development point of view. Game developers don’t need to place it in rigid market segments, but they can be creative and try to involve the players in different ways."