Pokemon X and Y - How to Get Into the Lumiose Boutique

Pokemon X and Y - How to Get Into the Lumiose Boutique

Here's how to get into the Lumiose Botique in Pokemon X and Y.

Every thing you do in Lumiose City adds to your style. Stylishness brings all kinds of rewards like meeting various characters, unlocking facilities, getting discounts and unlocking fashions.

How to increase your stylishness: (Note: In order from most style increase to least.)

  • Chat with Alexa at Lumiose Press.
  • Help out at Hotel Richissime.
  • Take on the Battle Institute. (When it becomes available)
  • Have a meal at all the restaurants in town.
  • Shop at the Herboriste, Stone Emporium, Boutique Couture, and Poke Ball Boutique.
  • Take a Gogoat Shuttle, train and a Lumi Cab.
  • Buy Juice at the Juice Shoppe and Galettes at the Galette Stand.

Rewards you get for becoming stylish: (Note: In order fromMost stylish to less stylish.)
  • Get the final O-Power from Mr. Bonding
  • 50% off using Lumi Cabs
  • Discounts in shops, galettes as well as restaurants.
  • More juices unlocked at the Juice Shoppe.
  • You unlock more effects for the Trainer PR videos.
  • You unlock new trims for your Furfrou at Friseur Furfrou.
  • Gain access to Boutique Couture.
  • New hairstyles unlocked at Coiffure Clips.
Fastest way to get Max Style in 5-10 minutes in Pokemon X and Y:
  • Step 1: Travel to Lumiose City
  • Step 2: Go to the Poke Ball Boutique
  • Step 3: Buy Premier Balls one at a time - Spam the A button!
  • Step 4: After you buy ~50 Premier Balls, go to the Stone Emporium and talk to the old man who sells Mega Stones. If he offers to sell one to you for $10,000, then you have maxed your style! If not, go back to Step 2 and repeat!
Note: You may buy any ball, I recommended Premier Balls since they are the cheapest. Expect to buy between 100-150 balls if you have no style to begin with.