Pokemon X & Y Kalos Pokemart Guide

Pokemon X and Y Kalos Pokemart Guide

Here's a Pokemon X & Y Kalos Pokemart Guide by fleetfonzies.


  • All prices listed here are standard and do not factor in Bargain Power (O-Power).
  • The marts in Central Lumiose, Camphrier, Ambrette, Geosenge, Dendemille, Couriway, and the Pokemon League do not sell any specialty items.

Battle Items and Vitamins

X Speed, 350 Protein, 9800
X Attack, 500 Iron, 9800
X Defense, 550 Calcium, 9800
Guard Spec, 700 Zinc, 9800
Dire Hit, 650 Carbos, 9800
X Accuracy, 950 HP Up, 9800
X Sp. Atk, 350
X Sp. Def, 350

  • Snowbelle City Mart sells all seven of these balls at the listed prices.

Heal Ball, 300 Net Ball, 1000 Quick Ball, 1000
Net Ball, 1000 Nest Ball, 1000 Timer Ball, 1000
Nest Ball, 1000 Dusk Ball, 1000 Repeat Ball, 1000

  • Coumarine is also where you can find every type of Incense for 9600 each. Ride the monorail to get to the merchant. Next to him you will find a stand that offers one free random berry everyday.


TM78 Bulldoze, 10000 TM28 Dig, 10000 TM14 Blizzard, 70000 TM50 Overheat, 80000
TM76 Struggle Bug, 10000 TM84 Poison Jab, 10000 TM25 Thunder, 70000 TM93 Wild Charge, 50000
TM75 Swords Dance, 10000 TM20 Safeguard, 30000 TM38 Fire Blast, 70000 TM68 Giga Impact, 90000
TM11 Sunny Day, 50000 TM07 Hail, 50000 TM52 Focus Blast, 70000 TM33 Reflect, 30000
TM18 Rain Dance, 50000 TM37 Sandstorm, 50000 TM15 Hyper Beam, 90000 TM16 Light Screen, 30000

  • South Lumiose is also where you can find the PokeMiles merchant.
  • There are also several shops outside of the Marts where you can get specialty items. Here are a few you can find in Lumiose City:

Lumiose Bakery Pokeball Boutique Herboriste
Menu changes. Quick Ball, 1000 Heal Powder, 450
Dive Ball, 1000 Energy Powder, 500
Timer Ball, 1000 Energy Root, 800
Premier Ball, 200 Revival Herb, 2800
Heal Ball, 300 Stone Emporium
Net Ball, 1000 Fire Stone, 2100
Dusk Ball, 1000 Water Stone, 2100
Repeat Ball, 1000 Leaf Stone, 2100
Luxury Ball, 1000
Berry Juice Shoppe
Menu changes daily.

The old man in purple in the right corner of the Stone Emporium will sell you a different Kanto Starter Mega Stone every day, starting at 1,000,000. His prices change depending on your style rating, BUT you can only buy each stone ONCE.

This site offers a nice full guide to Lumiose City, so check that out for information on Cafes and Boutiques.


The Battle Maison is located in Kiloude City. All items are purchased with Battle Points (BP), which you can earn participating in Maison battles.

Vitamins (2) Power Items (16) Hold Items (16) Hold Items (32) Hold Items (48) Evolution Items (32)
Protein Power Bracer Toxic Orb White Herb Wise Glasses Protector
Calcium Power Belt Flame Orb Power Herb Choice Specs Whipped Dream
Iron Power Lens Absorb Bulb Scope Lens Sachet
Zinc Power Band Cell Battery Zoom Lens Electirizer
Carbos Power Anklet Red Card Wide Lens Magmarizer
HP UP Power Weight Eject Button Muscle Band Reaper Cloth
Weakness Policy Focus Band Up-Grade
Ring Target Choice Band Dubious Disc
Choice Scarf
Assault Vest
Focus Sash
Razor Claw
Razor Fang
Bright Powder
Life Orb
Iron Ball
Air Balloon
Binding Band
Safety Goggles
Rare Candy
There is also an Ability Capsule for 200 BP.

TMs Cost
TM48 Round 16
TM59 Incinerate 16
TM87 Swagger 24
TM60 Quash 24
TM05 Roar 24
TM23 Smack Down 32
TM34 Sludge Wave 32
TM51 Steel Wing 32
TM64 Explosion 48
TM67 Retaliate 48
TM72 Volt Switch 48
TM85 Dream Eater 48

In the South Lumiose Pokemon Center, an old man in a suit will trade you prizes for PokeMiles. You can earn PokeMiles by participating in trades. I've been told that if you use Game Sync, you can get the prizes for half price, and that you can unlock new prizes this way. It may be better to not spend your miles in game.

Prize Cost
Berry Juice 10
MooMoo Milk 20
Full Heal 30
Max Repel 35
Hyper Potion 60
Ultra Ball 60
Ether 120
Max Potion 125
Full Restore 300
Max Revive 400
Rare Candy 500
PP Up 1000