Quantum Break Uses Advanced Technology for Environmental Destruction

Quantum Break Uses Advanced Technology for Environmental Destruction

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has released a press release detailing the new technology that Quantum Break will use for calculating the environmental destruction which causes it to "react in the same way as dictated by reality."

Here is the part of the press release that discusses the new technology:

"If a structure exists – big or small, dense or thin, floppy or rigid – DMM causes it to react in the same way as dictated by reality. For example, wood doesn’t simply break along a predetermined seam every time – rather, it bends and splinters into pieces from the point of impact. The same rules apply to any substance imaginable: rubber bends and snaps back into place. Glass shatters. Steel dents and bends. Plastic deforms. DMM can even simulate plants and organic objects through the adjustment of 14 different material physics settings ranging from toughness to volume preservation."

"DMM has played a key role in shaping Quantum Break, our vision of next-gen entertainment. We have been able to simulate complex scenarios on a scale that hasn’t been possible before and then allow players experience them in real time. Can’t wait to show the world more of what we’re able to do!"

You can check out the full press release here.

Quantumk Break is an upcoming third-person shooter to be released on the Xbox One. The game will feature live-action videos blended in with regular gameplay. It is set in the fictional North Eastern U.S. Riverport University where a time travel experiment has gone wrong, giving the three main characters, Jack Joyce, beth Wilder, and Paul Serene the ability to manipulate time.

No current release date is known for Quantum Break.