Sony says PS4 Won't Suffer from Software Dought

Sony says PS4 Won't Suffer from Software Dought

Sony says the PlayStation 4 won't suffer from the usual "software drought" that new consoles usually go through at their launches.

Sony's Adam Boyes spoke about what lies ahead for the system, and mentioned that free-to-play games and indie titles will keep the software releases going:

"I think we’ve got a lot of stuff that’s gonna be coming out sort of on a more regular cadence than the competition, because we’ve got a lot of great, phenomenal indie games. I think also what you’re gonna see is a lot of updates to the free-to-play games as they come online. We’ve got Warframe; we’ve got Blacklight: Retribution; we’ve got DC Universe Online. Then we’ve got Warthunder coming. And all those games I think we’ll be continually adding and evolving the content that’s available on them. And then once some of the other indie games start coming online, once they start releasing, we’ll see a nice cadence."

"Up until about December, I think there’s a lot of visibility on what’s coming up, and I think January, February, March is when you’ll start seeing all that stuff start hitting the market at a nice, regular beat,” Boyes said. “Like every few weeks there will be new stuff to be playing on PS4."

Boyes also discussed Sony's approach to exclusive content:

"We're having meetings—that’s what my team does every single week. Right now we’re planning E3; we're planning our announcements for that; we're planning Gamescom; we're planning TGS; all those different events and what kind of stuff we want. And listening, whether people are tweeting at [Sony top exec Shuhei Yoshida] or me or anyone on my team. We’re reading all the forums and commenters to see what people are really excited about. And that’s the stuff we usually start with—the more excitement there is around certain content, that’s sort of where we go after."

“I think next year is gonna be a huge year though in general, with Destiny coming and a lot of stuff we saw and talked about on that partnership which is gonna be super-exciting. There’s a lot of stuff we continue to focus on trying to get.”

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