Super Mario 3D World Stamp Locations Guide

Super Mario 3D World

Here's a Super Mario 3D World stamps locations guide that helps you find all 85 stamps in the latest Super Mario Wii U platformer from Nintendo.

When you find all 85 stamps and collect them, you will unlock the following:

  • World 12, (called the World Crown) is unlocked after you collect 83 stamps.
  • Each stamp you collect will earn you 4,000 points.
  • Each stamp you collect can also be used to customize Miiverse posts with a special image of a character / item from the game.

How to find missing stamps: They will appear as white-sparkling blue colored stamps that have a yellow underside that has a question mark on it. These are spread throughout the game levels. When you pick one up, you will see "4000 score" to confirm that you picked it up.

Note: Five of the stamps can only be collected after all five characters completed every level in the game, including the levels from the four bonus Special Worlds. (Star, Flower, Mushroom and Crown.)

Note: All stamps are auto saved at the end of each level.

Here's a quick trick that makes it much easier. Playing alone and then plugging in 3 more Wiimote or Classic controllers once you are near the flagpole and positioning the four characters around the flagpole's top and bottom parts. This iwll result in all four characters being able to jump on the flagpole quickly.

And now for the locations. Below you will find videos that show how to find all the stamps in Super Mario 3D World.

World 1 Stamps - The Grass World

World 2 Stamps - Desert World

World 3 Stamps - Ice-Cold World

World 3 Stamps - Ice-Cold World

World 4 Stamps - Mountain World

World 5 Stamps - Beach World

World 6 Stamps - Cloud World

World 7 Stamps - Castle World

World 8 and beyond can be found at this link:

There you have it, all the locations of the Stamps in Super Mario 3D World. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to submit your own tips or tricks for finding the stamps, please post a comment below. Thanks for your contributions, and for visiting the site.