GTA 5 1.07 Patch Notes & GTA Online Updates

GTA 5 107 patch notes and updates

The GTA 5 1.07 patch is here. It fixes a bunch of bugs and changes some gameplay features. You can find the full patch notes below. Also Rockstar has added the deathmatch & race creators to GTA Online, and posted updates on other upcoming GTA Online content.

Note: Scroll down below for the full GTA 5 1.0.7 patch notes.

GTA Online Content Creators

Rockstar has added the new Deathmatch and Race creators to GTA Online. You get to build your own content in GTA Online and play content others have made. The creators are currently in beta mode, and are basically the same tools that the GTA 5 game design and development team use. You can craft custom gunfights, street races, jet dogfights and a lot more. You can also publish your original Deathmatches and Races via the Rockstar Games Social Club for the whole community to discover, download, play, rate and share. Currently. players can create custom deathmatches, team death matches, races, GTA races, and Rally races.

Rockstar is planning on taking the best community-created content and making them official Rockstar verified jobs which will be shared out to the entire GTA Online community. Both the content creators are now available via a fee update, but you need to have a Social Club account linked to your Xbox Live gamertag or PlayStation network ID to use them.

Update: Here is some footage of the content creator:


Coming in December, the Capture competitive team mode is going to be added. The mode is a twist on classic capture the flag. Capture mode brings territory infiltration and a new form of team-versus-team battles in GTA Online. Up to four squads battle to steal contraband, trucks, buses etc from opponents' bases using high-speed vehicles, explosive weapons and teamwork. Craft, cooperation and team tactics are key. The free Capture updte will bring a bunch of new jobs to GTA Online which will be accessible via the open world and also through your phone. Capture is broken down into four variations, Raid, Contend, Hold and GTA. More details will be released soon.

GTA 5 107 patch notes and updates

Coming in 2014

Rockstar has big plans for GTA 5 and GTA Online next year including:
  • GTA Online Heists: The much anticipated heists are currently in development and the team is working very hard to get them as polished and as fun as they can be. More updates on this soon.
  • GTA 5 Story mode updates: Rockstar also has big plans for the story mode in Grand Theft Auto V, including substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Frankin and Trevor's action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas.

Full GTA 5 1.07 Patch Notes

(The 1.0.7 patch is now live.)
  • Players are now able to sell vehicles that they have purchased from websites.
  • Players are now able to run in apartments and garages.
  • Reward for being a good sport has been increased from $1,000 to $2,000
  • Fixed an issue where a character’s tattoos would disappear when encountering cutscenes.
  • Corrected an issue where players could make their vehicles and passengers invisible.
  • Sticky Bombs can no longer be thrown during the countdown for the starts of GTA Races.
  • Resolved issues where players were having problems accessing their accounts.
  • Corrected issues with Bounties.
  • Fixed an issue where players were charged full price for ammo for Grenade Launchers even if they were only buying one Grenade.
  • Fixed an issue where Grenades could be filled up to maximum during UGC GTA Races.
  • Team Balancing has been improved, friends and Crew members are now grouped together and Rank is taken into consideration.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player has banked all of their cash, they were only charged minimal amounts for dying.
  • The Karin Futo can now be recovered normally after being impounded.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to clone Tanks.
  • Respawning has been improved to reduce the chance of repeatedly spawning in the same location.
  • Cash rewards have been adjusted in Races, Deathmatches, and Parachuting to allow increases in pay-outs.
  • There is now a 25% RP bonus at the end of Deathmatches, Missions, LTS, Survival, player kills, and AI kills when playing in Free Aim. This gives extra credit for completing actions with more skill.
  • Until a Race has been verified, players cannot earn RP in UGC Races.
  • Added a new feature to allow easier Personal Vehicle retrieval from the Impound Lot. This has a cost of $250.
  • Reduced the chance of being noticed by the Cops in stolen vehicles.
  • Impromptu Races can no longer be launched when in certain jobs.
  • Holdup Shopkeepers now have access to Ammu-Nation. You have been warned.
  • Due to changes in Deathmatches (Weapon Locking), some objectives will no longer appear in this specific type of match.
  • Weapon rewards (e.g. Shotgun in cop car) are blocked during weapon locked Deathmatches.
  • During Weapon Locked Deathmatches, Ammo Drops will not contain Molotovs.
  • Players who do not participate during Survivals can now be flagged as such by other players in the group and removed from the Survival.
  • New icons added for differing types of personal vehicle.
  • New awards added for the Creators.
  • Players are given 1RP for every ‘like’ they receive for their creations in the Creators.
  • Leaderboard functionality has been removed for any non-Rockstar content, i.e. no access to Social Club leaderboards in corona/end of mission, no best laps/personal bests, matched Crew for Head to Head etcetera.
  • Passive Mode is now free ($0) to allow players more options when playing with friends.
  • A new option has been added to allow players to fill all of their weapons with ammo in Job Coronas. This is a one-off payment costing $20,000. The ability to fill each weapon individually remains.