Splinter Cell Blacklist Cheats, Codes and Secrets

Splinter Cell Blacklist Cheats, Codes and Secrets

Here are some cheats, codes and secrets for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Achievements and Trophies:

Here are all the achievements and trophies in Splinter Cell Blacklist:

Achievement TitleHow to get the achievementAward
4th Echelon CommendationCompleted every single player mission on Realistic difficulty60
4th Echelon OfficerCompleted every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty100
4th Echelon Status ConfirmedStopped the Blacklist30
Ambush Escaped (secret)Completed Insurgent Stronghold10
American Consumption Prevented (secret)Completed American Consumption10
American Freedom Averted (secret)Completed Transit Yards10
American Fuel Engaged (secret)Completed LNG Terminal10
Asset Retrieval (secret)Completed Safehouse10
C&C OptimizedPaladin fully upgraded20
Combined Op SuccessfulCompleted a COOP mission with a teammate10
Combined OperatorCompleted all of Isaac Briggs 's 4th Echelon Missions30
Data SecurityHacked 23 Blacklist Laptops10

Distraction TacticianStealthily took down an enemy who'd been lured by sound10
Elite Killing TeamDual Executed a helmeted enemy15
Enhanced Lethality DemonstratedMastered Mark & Execute10
Evidence ConcealedHid 5 bodies in containers10
Extraction OperatorCompleted all of Charlie Cole's 4th Echelon Missions30
Firearm AccessedUnlocked a Merc's Light Machine Gun15
Hostages SecuredSaved the hostages in the Transit Yards10
Hostile Shield SecuredSnuck up & stole the shield from a Shielded Infantryman10
Hunter Operator (secret)Completed all of Andriy Kobin's 4th Echelon Missions30
HVTs SecuredCaptured 20 High-Value Targets10
Infiltration OperatorCompleted all of Anna Grímsdóttir's 4th Echelon Missions30
Infiltration/Interrogation (secret)Completed Detention Facility10
Intel AcquiredCollected 24 Dead Drop flash drives10
Iranian Intel Retrieved (secret)Completed Special Missions HQ10
Lead InterrogatorWon the COOP interrogation in VORON Station10
Lethal VersatilityWon a match in every Spies vs Mercs game mode100
Mission Footprint ZeroCompleted a single player mission undetected10
No Kill Option EngagedCompleted the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher50
Officer of the DayCompleted a Daily Challenge15
Paladin Restored (secret)Survived the attack on Paladin10
Personal KitUnlocked a custom loadout slot for Spy or Merc15
Rated AggressorCaptured a control point in a Spies vs Mercs Uplink Control match15
Rated HackerHacked a terminal in a Spies vs Mercs SvM Blacklist or SvM Classic match25
Rated Intel CourierCarried home the intel in a Spies vs Mercs Extraction match15
Seven Day Duty ShiftCompleted a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge30
ShadowNet OnlineLogged into ShadowNet for the first time5
Support OpsAssisted teammates in 10 Spies vs Mercs objectives15
Tactical Style: AssaultMastered Assault playstyle25
Tactical Style: GhostMastered Ghost playstyle25
Tactical Style: PantherMastered Panther playstyle25
Terrorist Factor Turned (secret)Completed Private Estate10
Tracker Placed (secret)Completed Abandoned Mill10
Tri-Rotor FunctionalityUsed the Tri-Rotor to disable a security device10
Trusted AgentAchieved Rank 10 in Spies vs Mercs50
Upgraded Gear AccessedFully upgraded one gun10