Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Here are some Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 cheats, codes & secrets.

Cheats Menu:

To turn on the cheats menu, during the loading screen before entering the game, wait for the "Press Start Button" message to appear, and then enter the following code using the directional pad.

Cheats include a God Mode.

Up, Up, Down Down, Left Right Left Right B (O), A (X)

Achievements and Trophies:

Achievement / TrophyRequirementValue
A madman's on the looseRelease the Chupacabras from his prison20
Chaos CollectorRecover 30 Chaos Gems20
Classic FlavorCook a chicken in the old style5
Claw MasterIncrease the Mastery Level of the Chaos Claws to the maximum20
Crushed rockDestroy the golem20
Customer of the monthSpend a total of 20000 Experience Points at the Chupacabras' shop20
Death is not enoughGet rid of Zobek forever20
Dissipated stormFinish off Satan's second acolyte20
ExperiencedGain a total of 10000 Experience Points10
Expert SilversmithRecover all the Void, Chaos and Life gems30
False chosen oneDefeat the Paladin20
Family reunionGain the trust of Victor20
Femme fataleSubdue Carmilla20

Good customerBuy an item at the Chupacabras' shop5
Heart of stoneKill the Gorgon20
Hunted hunterCapture Raisa Vólkova20
Initiated in MasteryIncrease the Mastery Level of a weapon5
Inner DraculaShed your darkest self20
Kleidos Champion IComplete all the Reminiscences of Sapphire challenges20
Kleidos Champion IIComplete all the Recollections of Ruby challenges20
Kleidos Champion IIIComplete all the Reminders of Amethyst challenges20
Kleidos Champion IVComplete all the Memories of Emerald challenges20
Kleidos HeroComplete all of the Kleidos challenges30
Kleidos LegendComplete all of the Kleidos challenges at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty50
Life CollectorRecover 30 Life Gems20
Multiple PocketsRecover all the upgrades for the Relics20
Natural selectionDefeat Agreus20
Next stop: CastlevaniaSurvive the train trip20
Once upon a time...Sabotage the Toy Maker's show20
PhilanthropistCollect all of the art20
Prince of DarknessComplete the game at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty50
SpecialistGain a total of 50000 Experience Points20
Start the pathAcquire a skill5
Sword MasterIncrease the Mastery Level of the Void Sword to the maximum20
The apple of his eyeEliminate Satan's first acolyte20
The EndAnnihilate Satan and save the world, again30
The Outer LimitsComplete 110% of the game50
The path of the ClawsAcquire all of the Chaos Claws skills and upgrades20
The path of the SwordAcquire all of the Void Sword skills and upgrades20
The path of the WarriorAcquire all of the skills and upgrades30
The path of the WhipAcquire all of the Shadow Whip skills and upgrades20
Vampire kissAccept Zobek's gift20
VeteranGain a total of 100000 Experience Points30
Void CollectorRecover 30 Void Gems20
Weapons MasterIncrease the Mastery Level of all weapons to the maximum30
Whip MasterIncrease the Mastery Level of the Shadow Whip to the maximum20