Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cheats, Codes & Secrets

Dragon Ball Z Cheats, Codes and Secrets

Here are some Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cheats, Codes & Secrets.

Defense Tips:

Even though getting caught in a Synchro Rush sucks, it's still shorter than Meteor Chain. What you have to do is recover and then try to keep blocking and stepping in retreat. If you still need more defense, in the middle of the opponents basic melee attacks, try a Meteor Chain and then "chase" right after so you can instantly teleport away from the attacks and put some distance between you and the opponents.


Trophy TitleTrophy DescriptionType
A Futile ConclusionClear the Frieza Saga: Z Fighters routeBronze
A Winner Is Me (secret)Clear all missions in Special AgeSilver
Appear, Shenron!Collect 7 Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GrabSilver
Bardock - The Father Of GokuClear a difficulty level 5 mission without equipping cards or itemsSilver
Battle Elite (secret)Clear a difficulty level 5 mission without retryingBronze
Card CompleteCollect all cardsSilver
Character Master (secret)Use all playable charactersSilver
Determined To Be Stronger (secret)Clear 10 or more missions with a Z rankSilver
Die!Successfully use an Ultimate MoveBronze
Farewell, FightersClear the Cell Saga: Z Fighters routeBronze
Found A Treasure!Obtain a rarity level 7 cardBronze
Frieza, Defeated! (secret)Clear all missions in Another AgeBronze
Gathering Of Frieza's Army! (secret)Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 from Frieza's army and win in Battle ModeBronze
Gathering Of The Saiyans! (secret)Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Saiyans and win in Battle ModeBronze
Gathering Of The Super FightersUnlock all characters (excluding downloadable characters)Silver
Gathering Of The Z Fighters!Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Z Fighters and win in Battle ModeBronze
Hello, Dragon World!Enter a Room in Co-op ModeBronze
Hey There! It's Me, Goku! (secret)Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 from the various Gokus and win in Battle ModeBronze
I Am Number One In The Universe! (secret)Clear the Frieza Saga: Frieza Soldier routeBronze
I Don't Want To See You Any More (secret)Defeat Full Power Frieza using an Ultimate MoveBronze
I Win, You Earth Scum! (secret)Clear the Saiyan Saga: Saiyan routeBronze
I'm At Full Power Now... (secret)Clear the Cell Saga: Androids routeBronze
I'm Counting On You!Successfully use Energy ShareBronze
Item CompleteCollect all itemsSilver
Just Disappear, Cell! (secret)Defeat Perfect Cell using an Ultimate MoveBronze
Let's Fight Together As OneFight as part of a team in Co-op ModeBronze
Let's Finish This!Max out a Meteor ChainBronze
Mission CompleteClear all missionsSilver
Most ImpressiveMax out a character's partner rankBronze
Now It's RealAttain player rank 99Silver
Now No One Can Stop Me! (secret)Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Majin Buu routeBronze
Over 9000Obtain all TrophiesPlatinum
Premium Collector (secret)Spend over 100,000 PPBronze
Real Warriors Don't SleepAttain 50 hours of mission play timeSilver
Return As A Good Guy Next Time (secret)Defeat Kid Buu using an Ultimate MoveBronze
Rich Collector (secret)Spend over 1,000,000 DPBronze
Super-powered Warriors (secret)Max out partner ranks on all charactersGold
Sync With Me!Successfully use a Synchronized RushBronze
Take This!Successfully Chase an enemyBronze
The Android Party (secret)Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Androids and win in Battle ModeBronze
The Grand Finale...Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Z Fighters routeBronze
The Heat Of Battle (secret)Win 100 times in Battle ModeSilver
The Legendary Super Saiyan (secret)Attain 150,000,000 EXPGold
The Tattered FightersClear the Saiyan Saga: Z Fighters routeBronze
Time To Start Getting Serious (secret)Clear missions 100 timesBronze
Use My Energy!Send ENERGY through an ENERGY RequestBronze
Wrath Of The Dragon! (secret)Clear all missions in Extra AgeBronze
You OK?! Get A Hold Of Yourself!Successfully use Revive SoulBronze
You're Number One! (secret)Acquire 10 gold medals in Battle RoyaleBronze

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