How to Fix Titanfall Stuttering / Low Framerates Guide

How to Fix Titanfall Stuttering Low Framerates Guide

Here's a guide by Pufflekun on how to fix stuttering, FPS drops, freezes, and other issues in the PC version of Titanfall.

Step 1:

Start by going into the in-game video settings, and make sure everything is set to the following:

  • Display Mode = Full Screen
  • V-Sync = Double Buffered
  • Anti-Aliasing = 2x MSAA or None
  • Shadow Detail = Low or Disabled
  • Texture Resolution = High, Medium or Low
  • [Make sure everything else is set to something reasonable for your graphics card. An 8800 GT will not run everything on High.]

Step 2:
  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel (or AMD equivalent). Go into your settings for Titanfall (in NVIDIA Control Panel, this is done by clicking Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Titanfall.exe). Change all of the following:
  • Set V-Sync to Off. (This will override the in-game setting for V-Sync, which you should have already set to Double Buffered, as stated above.)
  • If you have multiple GPUs, disable SLI or Crossfire. Titanfall does not currently support SLI or Crossfire, and having it enabled can cause issues.
  • If 2x MSAA makes the game look too "jaggy" for your taste, then you can also try enabling FXAA, which seems to perform better than the in-game anti-aliasing options which are higher than 2x. However, I would highly suggest making sure that the game runs fine without FXAA before experimenting with this option.
  1. Use Precision X (or AMD equivalent) to manually limit your framerate to 3-5 frames above your monitor's refresh rate. For example, if you have a 60Hz monitor, set your framerate target to 63-65, or if you have a 120Hz monitor, set your framerate target to 123-125. (In Precision X, this is done by clicking Frame Rate Target, checking Enable, sliding the slider to the desired framerate, and then clicking Apply. Unfortunately, for some users, this setting is sometimes reset when you reboot your computer. Remember to re-enable it whenever you want to play Titanfall.)
  2. Right-click Titanfall in Origin, click Game Properties, and add "+m_rawinput 1" without quotes to the Command Line Arguments field. You can optionally add "-novid" if you want to skip the intro videos when you launch the game. Click Apply.
  3. Play a few rounds of Titanfall, to see if your performance has improved. If you still experience performance issues, try setting Shadow Detail to Disabled, and/or lowering your Texture Resolution even further.
You're done! Enjoy Titanfall with less stuttering and better performance!

Q: Do I have to set the display mode to full screen? I want to play in a borderless window, so I can Alt-Tab when I need to.
A: Unfortunately, you do have to play full screen. Most of these fixes do not work if the game is played in a window.
Q: I have an extremely powerful graphics card, with 3GB (or more) of VRAM. Can I run textures at Very High or Insane? Can I run shadow detail at Medium or High?
A: If you're having performance issues to the point where you need to read this guide, then probably not. Textures and shadows are both extremely unoptimized at the moment. Feel free to experiment with different settings and find out.
Q: Do I have to turn V-Sync on in the game, and then off in my GPU's control panel? Can't I just set V-Sync to Disabled in the game?
A: You must enable it, and then override it. Simply disabling it in-game causes all sorts of horrible problems.
Q: I heard that raw mouse input is now enabled by default. Why do I still need to use the "+m_rawinput 1" command?
A: I haven't found a definitive answer as to whether or not raw mouse input is actually enabled by default. There is no downside to having a launch command that doesn't change anything, so until raw mouse input is confirmed by Respawn themselves, I would highly recommend adding the "+m_rawinput 1" command, just to be sure.

If you have any questions or fixes for Titanfall stuttering, low framerates and general performance, please post them below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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