Next Car Game Now Available in Steam Early Access

Next Car Game Now Availble in Steam Early Access

Next Car Game is a demolition derby themed racing game with realistic soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races.

Check out Next Car Game on Steam Early Access.

Features of the Early Access:
  • A playable Technology Sneak Peek 2.0. Have fun on the physics playground!
  • Two cars, American and European style, with unique handling traits.
  • Two race tracks and one derby stadium, both tarmac and gravel surfaces.
  • Race and derby game modes with up to (!) 24 cars, all with dynamic damage.
  • Soft-body car damage physics system that doesn't need a super computer.
  • Dynamic content that reacts realistically – fences and billboards break down, tires fly around.
  • Different types of engines and tires to test the effect of upgrades.
  • Player garage.
Upcoming features:
  • Improved car damage and handling. 
  • More cars, each with different stylings and performance. 
  • More race tracks and derby stadiums with varying surfaces. 
  • More dynamic content on the tracks. 
  • Highly configurable multiplayer with a variety of modes. 
  • Extensive player garage and car upgrading system. 
  • In-game classifieds to buy and sell cars and parts. 
  • Streamlined and polished user interface. 
  • Improved graphics quality and performance.