Top 10 Titanfall Tips and Tricks

15 Titanfall Tips

Here are 15 useful Titanfall tips and tricks submitted by likematches.

1. Save certain Titan burn cards for Last Titan Standing mode. Having your Titan Damage Core start at full, it will trigger each round as long as you didn't die.

2. Pay attention to the maps and their Hardpoint Domination points that can be captured by Titans.

3. You can swap out your Secondary weapon for a Primary weapon dropped by dead players.

4. Wall-hang like a gargoyle. People will not see your player silhouette like they would if you were on top of a building and they are also used to looking for moving targets, so you might just go un-noticed.

5. Entering your Titan resupplies your ammo (including guns and grenades).

6. Punch a Titan once they get doomed. That will instantly kill the pilot preventing them to shoot you as they doom out and prevent them from ejecting and hitting you with their AT gun.

7. When deciding between the Rocket Salvo and the 3-shot lock on rocket ordinance, remember that the Rocket Salvo can be used against targets other than enemy Titans.

8. Wall running isn't just useful for getting up to cool places. Wall running and leaping off of the wall give you a significant speed boost. Combine this with Stim Pack and the Prosthetic legs burn card all while using a pistol/SMG and you will be moving around crazy fast.

9. If you don't have Electric Smoke, jump out instantly once you're rodeoed (this may seem obvious, but I mean even before the notifications on screen happen) and shoot them off your Titan. Even if they know you've bailed out and they bail as well, you have the drop on them and their jump will be fairly predictable.

10. If you have Electric Smoke, you can use it for more than just killing rodeo pilots. It can clearly be a visual cover to not get shot at but for something much cooler, you can lure enemy Titans into a trap. Start to fall back and once going around a corner, pay attention to your minimap and time it just right as they come around the corner. The Electric Smoke does pretty darn good damage against enemy Titans.

11. In Hardpoint, push into a hardpoint that's being capped and pop your smoke. If you're going to explode 'nuke-style' then get into the center of a hardpoint as well.

12. In Attrition mode, farm the AI like crazy. Kill enough of them and you will get more Attrition points than those players who just go for Pilots and Titans.

13. When in Last Titan Standing, you can check the score board and see how many players are still alive as well as how many Titans are still up.

14. Just because a Titan gets Doomed, don't ignore it and treat it as a non-issue, continue to shoot and destroy it in the hopes to kill the pilot before they eject.

15. Use the Nuke overload with your Titan, but never with the Auto-Eject. Boost into your opponents (trap in a corner if you can) and then eject.

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