Dark Souls 2 Hexes Guide

Dark Souls 2 Hexes Guide

Here's a Dark Souls 2 hexes guide by appleforapples.

Hexes are one of the most interesting additions to the game, but most people aren't trying them, building for them, or even encountering them because of hidden vendors and scary stat requirements. I'm here to dispel a lot of the anxieties and myths about Hexes and Dark Damage, and show you how with even a little investment it could improve your build.

Stats and Scaling: They're Not so Scary

Hexes and Dark Damage are a bit intimidating because of the stat investment they need in both Intelligence and Faith, two stats previous souls games have taught us we needed to choose between. This, compounded with some of the gargantuan stat requirements for higher level hexes (60 intelligence for full force affinity, 47 faith for Climax), immediately turns a lot of people off of this playstyle.

Well first off Dark Damage Bonus and weapons that scale with dark do not scale more with intelligence or more with faith. They scale with the lowest of the two stats. That means you need to level both to see the best results, and it means you'll do much more damage with a 30/30 stat distribution than you would with a 40/20. You'll start to see diminishing returns around this 30/30 point. This is where, if you want the high stat Hexes, you would break off and focus on just one.

This is frightening. Only 20 int and faith. That's so weak! But one of the things you need to wrap your head around is that a 20/20 stat distribution between int and faith is relative to the benefits and power you'd get with 35-40 pure intelligence or pure faith. Spells like Darkstorm (20 INT, 20 FTH) are comparable to wrath of the gods, Great Resonant Soul (13 INT, 26 FTH) is comparable to crystal soul spear. And "Resonant Weapon"(15 INT, 24 FTH) is comparable to sunlight blade or crystal magic weapon. It would be very easy to replace and dex/int or dex/faith build that sports 40 or 50 faith or int with a hex build 25/25 stat distribution.

Vendors: Where do I find them?

People have turned off magic because they've had trouble finding vendors. Honestly this isn't new for the souls franchise, you'd be surprised how many people missed Griggs their first playthrough. But all the spell vendors are actually remarkably close to Majula.

You get access to all three after beating the Dragonrider at Heide's Tower of Flame. The Miracle Vendor is next to the bonfire, and she will move to the "Rotunda Room" on the pathway to Heide's Tower where she will unlock the way to Huntsman's Copse. On the road to Huntsman's Copse is the first Hex trainer, Felkin.

At 8 INT 8 FTH He'll sell you hexes, staves, chimes, some of the best early in the game. Many do take up 2 attunement slots, but if you have 3 getting "Resonant Soul" will increase hex damage output tremendously. "Dark Weapon" is also incredible early-mid game. Also at 20/20 INT/FTH he'll give you the BEST hex staff (Sunset Staff) along with the Hexer's Set, the name they gave the armor the Sorcerer wore in the Beta.

Spells: How good are they?

Pretty damn sweet I'd wager. Almost overpowered in some circumstances. Most higher level hexes require 2 attunement slots, but their usefulness is incredible.

Darkstorm: Kind of life firestorm if firestorm was more reliable and did more damage.

Resonant Soul: Some of the highest early game damage. It uses 100 souls to fire a high damage attack comparable to the damage of Great Heavy Soul Arrow. It has 23 uses and casts very fast

These are just some of the best spells out there available for 20/20 stat investment.


Try it. With new weapons that scale with dark and new spells, hexes might be the thing for you.

If you have any other Dark Souls 2 hexes hints, tips, tricks or secrets, please post a comment below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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