Don't Starve PS4 Patch Notes

Dont Starve PS4 Patch Notes

The PlayStation 4 version of Don't Starve has received an update to address player issues and improve the overall experience.

The update is now available in North America and will be available in Europe in the next few days.

Patch Notes:


  • New HUD Size Settings:  We’ve now added a “HUD Size” option to the Settings screen to allow the player to increase or decrease the size of the HUD and in-game text to improve the readability when playing on smaller displays.

  • Auto Save Improved:  We have changed the Auto Save feature so that it will now automatically save the game after every full day in Gameplay. We have added an option to Settings to allow the player to toggle the daily auto save on and off.
  • Better Rock Lobster A.I.:  Rock Lobster followers will now function properly when travelling between the surface and the caves.
  • Addressed rare crashes related to attempting actions on world objects while they are being lit on fire, and certain rare creatures being spawned into the world.
  • Addressed issues with part of Mini-Map disappearing or displaying wrongly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with resurrection after dying in the ruins and descending back into them.
  • The Wes unlockable character will now spawn correctly in Adventure mode.